Monday, August 22, 2016

“Ben-Hur” Bekmambetov has failed in the US box office –

Drama Timur Bekmambetov’s “Ben-Hur” actually fell in the US box office, earning the first weekend of 11,4 million dollars with a budget of 100 million. . Painting was able to climb only on the fifth line kinoreytinga at the weekend, according to The Wall Street Journal

Vice President of Paramount Rob Moore suggested that the interest of viewers affected critics – before the premiere in the US on August 19, they defeated the film Bekmambetov. Rating “Ben-Hur” in the aggregator of reviews RottenTomatoes was then 33 percent, and by Monday, 22 August, has fallen to 28 percent.

«It is very difficult to remove and remakes continue. The difficulty is to make sure that the film is really fresh and high quality, even though the story may not be new, “- said Moore

« Ben-Hur. “- The last big-budget film this summer. Filming engaged Paramount Studios and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer. Companies still rely on international distribution to at least recoup the tape and the cost of advertising. In most European countries and in Russia, the picture will be released in September.

«Ben-Hur,” based on the eponymous novel by Lew Wallace. The plot is built around the Jewish prince Judah Ben-Hur, which is due to the betrayal friend gets on the Roman galleys. At the same time in the West preaches Jesus Christ. The most successful film adaptation of the book is considered to be the picture in 1959 with Charlton Heston in the title role, received 11 “Oscars».

Trying to capitalize on the biblical story of the recent failures appear to Hollywood producers. For example, the drama “Noah” in 2014 did not meet expectations at the box office of the authors she has collected just over $ 30 million with a budget of 125 million (excluding advertising). Even less when comparable to “Noah” expenditures earned in the same year the film “Exodus: Gods and Kings»



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