Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Fighters for the rights of black pluck Memorial Day Elvis Presley – Express-News

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39 years ago, 16 August 1977, died on the legendary “King of Rock and Roll” Elvis Presley. Every year on the day of his death in Memphis, where he lived the singer, thousands of fans flock. In addition to famous artists of American show business, on holiday attracts numerous copies of Elvis, who performed his songs.

But as it became known, a coalition of concerned citizens, which includes activists for the rights of the US black population Black Lives Matter, announced their intention to disrupt the celebrations in memory of Elvis Presley. It is reported by RT

The place of its demonstration, protesters chose Graceland -. House of the king of rock ‘n’ roll Elvis Presley, reports Fox News. According to the participants of the movement, their choice is explained by the fact that now passes Elvis Week, timed to coincide with the anniversary of the singer’s death

«Promotion & lt;. … & Gt; It planned as a peaceful demonstration of solidarity that unites the residents of Memphis against systems that generate poverty, violence and economic inequality. Graceland was chosen as a protest place because it demonstrates one of the most common in Memphis forms of financial inequality and because this place is associated with an index case of police brutality, which led to the death of unarmed teenager Darriusa Stewart “- said in a statement, Black Lives Matter.

On the eve of activists began their protest. At the site of the demonstration attended by police

Black Lives Matter -. American public group organized a series of numerous protests against police brutality against blacks. Also, members of the group are active in the campaign against Donald Trump.

While the supporters of the movement describe their actions as “peaceful protests”, they often end in clashes with political opponents and police. In July, during one of the BLM demonstrations in Dallas against members of the murder of police two black Americans, sympathetic to the group of veteran US Army sniper shots killed five police officers guarding the rally.

On July 6, the Internet appeared the petition for recognition movement Black Lives Matter terrorist organization, at the moment it is collected more than 140 thousand. signatures.


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