Sunday, August 21, 2016

Find Amber and sleep: Star Festival “short” of what you need to get in Kaliningrad –

 On Friday, August 19, in Kaliningrad, the opening short film festival “short”. Klops.Ru asked the guests at the opening ceremony of the celebrities that have three main things they plan to do in Kaliningrad.


 Danila Kozlovsky, a Russian film and theater actor, winner of “Nick” and “Golden Eagle”:


 “Be sure to plan to swim in the Baltic Sea. I want to talk to those people with whom for a long time wanted to talk, but time somehow not the same. And, perhaps, even to sleep, but I do not think it’s possible”.


 Andrew Merzlikin, Russian theater and film actor, film director:


 “I have plans to compulsory attendance Amber Plant. Probably, local already tired of it, but the residents of the capital’s interesting. This fact Mahina amber production. I am in that year was and still impressed. This time I came with his wife, and I want to . show her, certainly Just going to take a trip to the coast and the third -. this view Lungin’s film I think this is the intrigue of the festival -.. the premiere of the film “rush Ladies” not every year maestro indulges us with their new works. ”


 Viktor Sukhorukov, Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, People’s Artist of Russia:


 ! “In time, to have time and again have time That’s all It’s a festival and I have been invited, in order to open it and open the solemn, beautiful … Leave a good memory and fly safe and sound – that’s all I’m working on. and I have a lot of cases just vomited as a swim in the sea did not have from a balloon -.! I’m in shorts arrived, and secondly I do not But what I’m wet “


 Grishkovets Eugene, Russian playwright, theater director, actor, musician and writer. As Eugene – a resident of Kaliningrad, then for him, we rephrase the question to “the three things that you should not do in Kaliningrad.”


 “What not to do in Kaliningrad? It should all try everything. As someone who has 18 years of living in Kaliningrad, I can tell you that you need to try everything. And swim in the sea it is necessary!”


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