Tuesday, August 23, 2016

In St. Petersburg, will award the prize Daniil Kharms – NEWSru.com

In St. Petersburg, will be handed Daniel premium Harms

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in St. Petersburg, established an award in literature and avant-garde art named Daniel Harms
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in St. Petersburg, established an award in literature and avant-garde art named Daniil Kharms. On the online , dedicated the award in honor of the poet, which became the forerunner of literary postmodernism, said it was time to put Harms on a par with Dostoevsky and Tolstoy.

One the organizers of the award, Alexandre Mars, told the publication “Paper” , that the prize will be an encouragement to the authors, “art that is innovative, avant-garde, progressive”.

Works are accepted starting from 23 August. The first winners will be announced on December 30, the day of his birthday. At the award can apply for published books, brochures, theater, films, paintings, drawings, sculpture, “the work of other genres and forms” (performance art, video art, etc..), As well as music.

The winner will receive a cash prize of 50 thousand rubles for the second place will pay 25 thousand rubles. The organizers hope that the premium amount may be increased by crowdfunding. In addition, winners will receive a sculpture Harms.

Daniel Harms (Yuvachev) was born December 30, 1905 in St. Petersburg. As a professional poet Harms entered the literature in the mid-1920s, when some of his poems have appeared in anthologies.

Harms was one of the founders of the literary group Oberiu (Association of Real Art). Harms read his works at the meetings with the public, his poems and stories circulated in manuscript. In 1930 Oberiu work as “unification formalists” was banned.

Marshak, highly appreciating the talent Harms, invited him to work in children’s literature. Since 1928, Harms published poems for children in the magazines “Siskin” and “hedgehog.” It turned out as some of his children’s books, including such well-known as “Ivan Ivanovich Samovar”, “Game” and “Million”.

In 1931, Harms and several oberiutov were arrested on alleged involvement in “anti-Soviet group of writers.” He was sentenced to three years in prison, and “concentration camp” was mentioned in the judgment. Subsequently, the sentence was commuted to exile in Kursk.

After returning from exile Harms never stopped writing, but he was able to publish only the children’s work. In 1937 he created Marshak children’s publishing in Leningrad was defeated, many contributors are repressed. Harms was arrested in August 1941 after being denounced friend Anna Akhmatova and long-term agent of the NKVD Antonina Oranzhireevoy. He was accused of disseminating slanderous and defeatism. To avoid execution, the writer feigned insanity and was identified in a psychiatric hospital. He died in the hospital prison “Crosses” of hunger in February 1942.
 In 1956, Harms was rehabilitated. When the poet’s life was published only two of his “adult” of the poem. Since the late 1960s, his works were published in the USSR as humorous. However, most of the texts went into samizdat and published abroad. On the influence of the writer in the alternative culture and literature began to speak only in the late twentieth century. In particular, its influence can be traced in the works of Boris Grebenshchikov and Viktor Pelevin.


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