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International Film Festival “East & West. Classic and avant-garde “in Orenburg – REGNUM

Orenburg, August 28, 2016, 12:51 – REGNUM

in Orenburg, the CCM “Orenburg” opened August 27 IX International Film Festival “East & amp; West. Classic and avant-garde. ” As noted by the Minister of Culture and Foreign Relations of the Orenburg region Eugene Shevchenko , the festival went beyond the usual framework: “The fact that we hold the opening ceremony is not a chamber, and nearly 5 million viewers, says that we strive to reach as residents of the area of ​​this event much as possible, this mood, this kind of art, “the correspondent IA REGNUM .

Film Festival president, director, producer Tatiana Voronetskaya and the Director of the Department of Cinematography of the Ministry of Culture of Russia Vyacheslav Telnov noted that the Film Festival in Orenburg has authority: it is in the top ten best film festivals in Russia and the fourth in the world among similar topics at film festivals.

Film fans long before the opening of the festival began to gather at the sports and cultural complex. Groups discussed the program of the festival and talked about the invited actors.

Near the JCC “Orenburg” a few hours before the opening of the film festival started working musicians. Group of former soloist of “Agatha Christie» Vadim Samoilov to tune the instrument and sound equipment

As part of the International Film Festival “East & amp.; West. Classic and avant-garde “CCM” Orenburg “photo exhibition” Scarves worn and queens and priestesses … Portrait Gallery of Russian actresses in Orenburg downy shawls “, dedicated to the” Year of the cinema in Russia “and dedicated to Orenburg knitters true centuries-old traditions puhovyazaniya.

anticipate the opening of the IX International Film Festival “East & amp; West. Classic and avant-garde “Star Walk, which took place on the guests and participants of the festival

The director of the festival program, film critic Sergey Lavrentev :.« Film festivals have become an alternative rental. Moviegoers can see movies that are nowhere and never see ».

Russian People’s Artist Larisa Udovichenko admitted that asked for in the festival jury this year. From her point of view, it is necessary to teach the audience to the cinema, “which makes us think, and not to the entertainment movie, which already do not know what a spectacle, what a catastrophe to come up and show».

People’s Artist of Russia Sergei Shakurov said: “Festival” East & amp; West. Classic and avant-garde “- elegant, amazing program! Actors, directors – very good. interesting. Academy Mikhalkov – all new names for me. When I first opened the booklet – I was glad: the mass of interest. Most importantly – unknown to you and me and including me as a professional – this is just a real happiness! “. He also noted a positive trend in the development of domestic kinemaografa. Particular emphasis is placed on quality korotometrazhnyh movies.

The opening ceremony was led actors Ekaterina Guseva and Daniel Dunayev .

The Chairman of the international jury, producer Dr. Fight Haydushki shared: “As soon as I was offered to come to the film festival in Orenburg, I immediately agreed. I know how hard it is to organize such an event … »

Veit Haydushki -. One of the most significant producers of European cinema. He produced more than 50 films, among them – three pictures of Michael Haneke received the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival: “Pianist”, “The White Ribbon” and “Love” (the latter film also won the “Oscar” for best foreign language film) <. / p>

In the Orenburg “East @ West” Veit Haydushki, together with its stellar jury otsmotren 10 films, representing virtually the entire globe. By the way, on our festival will be held the Russian premiere of the seven declared in the contest of pictures.

The statuette Sarmatian lion “for his contribution to cinema” was awarded People’s Artist of Russia Sergei Shakurov. People’s Artist of Russia Valentine Talyzina has received the famous Orenburg shawl.

During the evening the audience amazed by their numbers drummers « Vasiliev Groove » and show-ballet “Todes . »

The opening ceremony was over, but the holiday in honor of the film continued behind the walls of the JCC” Orenburg “. In the cinema “Space” was shown the film opening “House for rent with all the inconvenience,” directed by Vera Watchdog .

Adventure comedy based on the book Masha Traub «Little House on the south. ” “When writing a small story, I do not imagine that will remove a film on it. It’s a blessing for each author, when the book continues his life ».

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