Thursday, August 18, 2016

Jane Austen disco – News


The output of each new picture of Whit Stillman made a triumphant return to preview. Although the five years that separate “love and friendship” from the previous film, in comparison with the 13-year-old director’s silence after the commercial failure of “the last days of disco” look more grandmaster pause.

Stillman – an important figure of American “independent”, the author of the cult “Underground” and hero of a generation. Heir straight Eric Rohmer and Woody Allen, father of inspiration mamblkora – the whole genre mikrobyudzhetnogo movie, whose birth, rise and silent death entirely fallen to years of inaction classic

The new film -. First experience Stillman in the genre of costume film adaptation . The basis taken a little-known epistolary novel “Lady Susan” young Jane Austen. The name “Love and Friendship” is borrowed from another work. Stillman finished the story of Austin, adorning her dialogue in the spirit of Oscar Wilde, and happily escaped accusations of arbitrariness. However, after “Pride and Prejudice and Zombies,” you can call it the careful handling of the classic text

The story of impoverished socialite reminds anecdote:. Lady Susan, a woman with a bad reputation, it comes to a secluded estate of her late husband’s family, which looks after itself, and along with the daughter of a profitable game. The cynical and pragmatic woman weaves some simple intrigue that always baffled decently and unsophisticated provincials.

frivolous plot, as always with Stillman, imbued with sparkling irony over the values ​​of up-middle-class family, public morality and everything. Detonator history speaks heroine Kate Beckinsale, “Viper in the garden of Eden,” as aptly defines one of its heroes, false, talkative and absolutely neproshibaemaya person. Replacing uniforms Vampire Slayer in the chic outfit of the XVIII century, Kate Beckinsale finally finds himself in his element.

Lady Susan and her American friend Alicia Johnson (Chloe Sevigny) – none other like a couple of matured It girls, Charlotte and Alice of “the last days of disco.” There the young Beckinsale spoiled life best friend’s bad advice, let rumors and intrigued. Here grown-up bitch takes a girlfriend in konfidentki.

«Love and Friendship” – a game in the classic, historic scenery where the eternal heroes Stillman play all the same familiar story, but instead of jazz or disco here Boyce, William, Henry Purcell and Marc Antoine Charpentier. Varies actors, circumstances and even the plot, but the roles remain the same as the play itself.

Easy breathing, sharp machine-gun rhythm of dialogue and subtle irony of the text – the main wizard-style weapons – alas, fell victim to the Russian hire. Bright performance of Tom Bennett as a kind idiot Sir James, noted by critics as one of the main successes of the picture in the dubbed version looks amateur desperately misses the actor notes. The victim turns out to be colorful dubbing and rhythm: the film loses its calibrated tap – it is stalling, then flies kuda-to forward.

For all its undoubted advantages of lightweight and ironic “Love and Friendship” easily able to deceive expectations. For the traditional costume of the genre is not enough extent, the attention to detail and a psychological study of characters for comedy – it is clear and intelligible humor. But this nudity, anyway, the irony is not to cover.


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