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Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper will play together in the remake Hollywood classics – The Russian Times

Lady Gaga will play the lead role in the remake of the classic musical drama “A Star Is Born” with Bradley Cooper, whose picture will debut in directing. In addition, Gaga writes (and execute) for the film a few new songs.

The film company Warner Bros has given the green light to production of the musical film “A Star Is Born.” The picture will be the directorial debut of actor and four-time nominee for “Oscar” Bradley Cooper

The main role in the movie performed by singer Lady Gaga and her partner will be itself Cooper

“A Star Is Born.”. – is a remake of the popular story of the famous Hollywood last musician who accidentally meets aspiring actress and helps her to get into the star of the scene. For the first time the story was told in the movie 1937, starring the stars of that time – Adolphe Menjou and Janet Gaynor (the first winner of the “Oscar” for Best Actress). Then it turned George Cukor in 1954, invited to starring Judy Garland and James Mason. The second remake was filmed in 1976 – with Barbra Streisand and Kris Kristofferson, and this version has received “Oscar” for best song ( «Evergreen») and three nominations for the award

In 2013, the. history and remade in Bollywood: in the film “Life in the name of love – 2» (Aashiqui 2) played by Aditya Roy Kapur and Shraddha Kapoor

The new Hollywood remake of the old plot was planned long ago.. In 2011, he agreed to become a director Clint Eastwood, who called for a central role Beyoncé, but they did not work. The singer became pregnant and went into a sabbatical, and Eastwood took up another musical film – “The Boys from Jersey”, which was released simultaneously with his “sniper”, but unlike the successful military drama flopped at the box office. After that, apparently, Eastwood (first role which date back to the first remake of “A Star Is Born”) Zaretsky district on musical projects and bosses production company paid attention to the play in “Sniper” major role Bradley Cooper, who was at the same time and one of the producers of the picture.

in general, he increasingly produces, among his works, such as the painting “My guy – crazy” in recent years and “American Hustle” David O. Russell. Since his debut as a director was a matter of time, and it seems that time has come. The fact that he is also the Executive one of the two main roles, too, is no surprise. Cooper, of course, best known for the comedy trilogy “The Hangover”, but he has four nominations for “Oscar” (three actors and a producer for the “Sniper”), and in general a very varied filmography in which about 60 roles today.

The problem with him, of course, not the easiest. The film has become a classic in 1937, with the songs of his film Garland toured after the actress’s career, and of attention to picture Academy Award 1976 speak for themselves. Therefore, the choice of actress Cooper approached responsibly, trying to achieve a certain “chemistry” between himself and the partner.

edi Gaga won a leading role in the first game for her movie. The main role then performed a very well-known at that time, young actors Janet Gaynor and Fredric March. Decades later, in 1954 came the first remake of the musical with Julie Garland (actress nominated for this role on “Oscar”). The project will debut not only for her: in the director’s chair for the first time will be Bradley Cooper

Actor Bradley Cooper , a four-time nominee for “Oscar” for his roles in the movies. «My guy-crazy”, “Sniper,” “American Hustle” and producing “Sniper”, he wants to try his hand as a filmmaker, to reshoot the classic Hollywood musical drama “star was born.” In movie already has two remake. At the 2017th as the producers decided, it’s time to picture reappear. Back in 1976 came second remake with Barbra Streisand in the main role. Therefore, the choice of the performer Cooper approached responsibly, trying to achieve a certain “chemistry” between himself and the partner.

Lady Gaga get main role . After the release of the album “artpop” in 2013, a six-time winner of the “Grammy” is not as flamboyant life, the audience practically does not provoke, and is trying to master and other areas of the entertainment industry. For a minor role in the television series “American horror story,” she even won the prize “Golden Globe».

is engaged in a project studio Warner Bros. not yet named the date of the premiere of the tape. Also, the “Grammy” award winner writes for movie new songs and perform them.


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