Thursday, August 25, 2016

Lifetime Channel will shoot a film about Britney Spears – BBC

Lifetime Channel took the best case – the release of the ninth studio album Britney Spears «Glory», – to announce the start of work on the biopic of the singer. Shooting a two-hour picture will begin on September 19 in Vancouver, and the premiere is scheduled for 2017, without specifying the exact date.

The TV promises to tell the audience “thrilling true story” climbing Britney Spears to the glory of its fall and triumphant return, specifies The Hollywood Reporter. The film will be shown in the beginning of the singer’s career – when she was still very young, the impact on her life her parents’ divorce, explored her relationship with Justin Timberlake, and subsequent marriages – quite short with childhood friend Jason Alexander and longer, in which Spears gave birth to two children, Kevin Federline.

singer role performed by Australian actress Natasha Bassett.

It is little known outside his native Australia, where schoolgirl shot in the series. After school Bassett studied acting in New York, he appeared in the NBC series “Camp”, and this year she got a small role in the Coen brothers’ Hail, Caesar! “. Biopic Britney Spears will be for 22-year-old actress perhaps the first major role in her career.

The time of announcement of the future project is not chosen by chance.

on Friday, 26 August, is scheduled official release of the new album, Spears «Glory»,

to this date are associated with numerous appearances of the singer to the public – for example, on Thursday at The Late Late Show on CBS, James Corden, and on Sunday, August 28 – during the ceremony channel MTV awards for music videos. However, dense and thoughtful timetable album advertising was somewhat blurred by hackers, which merged record online a week ago (the same thing happened in 2011 with the album «Femme Fatale»), but to cancel the planned event no one.

In the same campaign fits and application Lifetime channel.

Britney Spears, of course, one of the most famous American singers, and her life was intense and violent. And from an early age – she first auditioned for eight years in the Disney show “The Mickey Mouse Club”, with twelve acted in it on a regular basis, and after the close of the transfer back home in Louisiana, but hopes for a career in music has not left. At age 18, Spears recorded her debut album «… Baby One More Time», it was followed by «Oops … I Did It Again!», Their success was clear, songs from the records sounded just anywhere, but the singer has become a real star of the scene – and not only. Media discussed her relationship with Timberlake (also, incidentally, is a party to “Mickey Mouse Club”), the parting couple new singer hobbies, her pregnancy and behavior in everyday life. Spears a few years became a heroine and judicial chronicles – and this saga ended with the fact that it was deprived of parental rights

On the music vicissitudes of personal life of the singer almost no impact, were successful and. her other records (even stolen by pirates «Femme Fatale»),

she continued conquering the charts and Forbes magazine rankings.

Why Lifetime decided to explore life is Britney Spears , the channel can not speak; unknown and related to this venture the singer.

The previous channel experiments in biographical movies have touched dead stars. So, in 2014 there was a film about the “princess R & amp; B» singer Alia (she died in a plane crash in 2001 at age 22), and a year ago, the premiere of Whitney Houston, criticized the family who died in 2013, the star, but well accepted by the audience.


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