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“Maid”: lesbian drama with a dash of aesthetics – Express-News

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Picture Korean director Park Chan-wook is leading in pre-sale tickets to the movies this weekend. Korean lesbian melodrama “Maid” has become the most anticipated film of the weekend in Russia.

The Russian film came lesbian erotic drama “The Maid,” which took the Korean director Park Chan-wook. Why this bold erotic film about relationships lady and her maidens, entered in the main competition at the Cannes Film Festival this year, it is worth all the running, says the publication Kommersant ELENA KRAVTSUN.

stylizations Master Park Chan-wook’s own interpretation of the novel “Fingersmith” British writer Sarah Waters and transfers the action from Victorian England to Korea of ​​the 1930s. He puts the story into three parts, starting with the history, seen through the eyes of young Koreans Hee Suk (Kim Tae Lee), born to a family of pickpockets. At the insistence of the local Cute “authority” impostor Count Fujiwara, who wants to marry Rich Girl, and then fuse it into a madhouse, Suk Hee becomes a double agent – she went to work a servant to the victim, in Japanese aristocratic house of the mysterious lady Hideki (Kim Min Hee), and begins to process it by following the insidious plan Fujiwara. The second part of the story is told from the face of a beautiful mistress Hideki and imprisoned voice lady and maid together, as if under the laws of musical form, a beautiful fugue with major third in the final. The interiors of the luxurious mansion (Madame loves England and Japan) made in deep brown and shades of green, blooming lesbian romance between Suk Hee and Hideki, who not only breaks cultural taboos and class, but also national. As a result of the Russian-Japanese war in Korea was under Japanese control, many of the rich Japanese hired Statement Korean workers, but fraternizing with the local population in the aristocratic invaders high places are not welcome, and even romance between a Japanese mistress and Korean maid was doubly dangerous.

“The maid” has turned quiet feminist anthem, not without irony workshop. The main antagonists in the film wook Park Chan – men. Despotic Uncle lady, disgusting old man-Kuzuki bibliophile, and a fortune hunter looking at Fujiwara heroines down – both inanimate toys in the literal and figurative sense. In one of the most impressive of its explicit scenes high-ranking man in evening dress come to the library Kuzuki the meeting closed literary circle, only held in high esteem in which the Japanese vellum with de Sade by Hideki dressed as Geisha (if desired, in this part of the film in general could make a full pornospektakl). “Wonderful tonight was reading,” – thank Uncle visitors Japanese decorum and restraint, not sap (so that if the country of the rising sun suddenly you are invited to read, to know in advance what will be a book, so you do not blush). The director shows that, despite the myriad of reading “dedicated” literature gathered theorists – perverts flawed, unable to understand and appreciate women’s sexuality, in fact, do not even want to think about what a real woman wants. With such a deplorable scenario, it is not surprising that Suk Hee and Hideki drawn to each other.

In his twisted story that begins as an Asian “Wuthering Heights” with inherent Gothic novel details, and then turns into a tight erotic thriller , directed merged madness, suicide, sex, voyeurism, and sadomasochism, not to mention the octopus – the symbol of the Freudian unconscious, which here appears several times as a quotation from his “Oldboya”. One of the first to enter into the story of lesbian love in a shell erotic detective, by the way, came up with sister Wachowski, when, while still being brothers, they took off neo-noir “Communication” in 1996. His Korean remake, to some degree, and turns into “servant”.

The camera Chun Heung Chung, the director of photography is almost all the films of the Korean director, voluptuously slides on the amazing furniture upholstery, finest lace, mirrors of chrysolites in filigree framed, tender nipples girls, and then relaxed is between lady’s feet. With each successive, prescribed amazing mise en scene the film is becoming more sophisticated, and it is nearly three hours. In Singapore, for example, the “maid” left in hire additional, very hot moments, received R21 rating. In this film visually rich not only sensual scenes – literally everything here, from the wondrous garments and tapestries to the natural landscape, it deserves attention and gives the viewer an aesthetic bliss. This is especially interesting in light of the facts from the biography of the director – Park Chan-wook at the dawn of his career at the university was unable to thoroughly examine the aesthetics as a subject for which he, in fact, did. Now it is in the subject of his peers almost there.


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