Monday, August 22, 2016

Medina called “trash” film “Suicide Squad” – RBC

The Minister of Culture of Russia Vladimir Medina called the film a “suicide squad” “rubbish”. The minister said at a press conference on “Night Movie”, reports “RIA Novosti».

According to the Minister of Culture, the selection of films for the action “Night at the Movies” was held for several months. movie “Smeshariki” has been selected for children. Also selected movies “Legend №17» and «The battalion».

«It is spectacular, great movies, but still purely Russian cinema. Movies about people patriotic movie, is the choice of the people, it is very important “, – he said. According to him, “this is our movie is different from any rubbish like” Suicide Squad “, which penetrates to our screens of Hollywood”, the minister added.

Fantastic film “suicide squad” was released in rent in Russia 4 of August and is based on the comic book. The thriller tells of a group of criminals, which the US government sent to perform dangerous tasks.

Medina has previously criticized the various western movies. In April 2015 he spoke negatively about the movie “The Number 44,” which tells about the investigation by the Soviet Ministry of State Security series of killings of children. “We must finally put an end to the endless series of schizophrenic reflections of themselves”, – he said. He welcomed the fact that the film was removed from the rolled steel in Russia.

In June, Vladimir Medina supported the idea of ​​a tax on foreign films for hire. According to him, it will “raise additional funds to support national cinema.”


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