Sunday, August 28, 2016

Nude Svetlana Bondarchuk: model bared itself only in portraits Aidan Salakhova – Latest News – Glavlist


Svetlana Bondarchuk, the former wife of actor and director Fyodor Bondarchuk, has enough courage in order to expose. But it will not be naked for a photo in the “men’s glossy magazines,” and to the well-known Moscow artist A. Salakhova. However, Aidan insists that the work she ordered Fyodor Bondarchuk on the rights of the husband “socialite.” Portraits as Svetlana liked that it was “jointly acquired” she identified herself and drove to the apartment at the Patriarch’s Ponds.

Svetlana did not hesitate to lay out a picture where she topless in ” Instagram “- it is not pornography and art. Now it’s “modern art” is decorated with a large, 300m. apartment Bondarchuk. Accommodation is in a stage of repair, some places stick out of the cable, but in the living room – two beautiful, static and plastic “Svetlana” Aidan brush. With her in such an interesting interpretation of the already “met” her friend – Ksenia Sobchak, Renata Litvinova and singer Glucose. They have arranged a bachelorette party, noting the free life of Svetlana Bondarchuk.


In his 47 years Svetlana Bondarchuk remarkably plastic and graceful as a cat. Her beauty gave the daughter of the artist Tahir Salahov. Salakhova favorite topic – the body without clothes, beautiful in its primordial state. Here are portraits permeated with eroticism, became an ornament “alternate aerodrome” kinometra ex-wife.

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