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Olga Vasilyeva Livanov was replaced as Minister of Education – RIA Novosti


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MOSCOW, August 19 – RIA Novosti The new Minister of education and science appointed in Russia on Friday: at the suggestion of Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev, the head of the department was Olga Vasilyeva, which replaced Dmitry Livanov, who held office for more than four years.

Russian President Vladimir Putin at a working meeting at the airport Belbek at Sevastopol agreed to Medvedev’s proposal to appoint a new head of the Ministry of education and science of the Russian Federation employee President Olga Vasilyeva administration, Lebanon will be the special representative of the head of state for trade and economic relations with Ukraine.

New challenges

at a meeting with the President Medvedev said that the government has intensified work on the priority projects, including in the field of education. “In order to realize those ideas that were formulated, it requires new approaches and new powers, and in some cases – and new people”, – said the prime minister. The prime minister has recommended to appoint the head of the Ministry of Education Vasilyev, who “has a good track record.”

“Well, we will do so, I agree,” – said Putin, responding to a corresponding Medvedev proposal

The Premier noted that Vasilyev started out as a teacher, then worked in the system of the Academy of Sciences. He has experience in the public service – both in the government and the presidential administration. “I think she is capable to implement these new tasks,” – said Medvedev

Retirement reformer

Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Livanov Sciences, took over the Ministry of the head in May 2012, initiated a major reform program. higher education related to the union of small regional universities in the multidisciplinary support universities that should receive additional financial support from the state. When Livanov in 2013 began the reform of the Russian Academy of Sciences. As a result of reforms to the Academy of Sciences were merged Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences. Scientific institutes placed under the control of the Federal Agency of Scientific Organizations (Fano). At the same time a moratorium on property transaction RAS. Academy of Management Sciences repeatedly called clearly prescribed mechanism of separation of powers between the RAS and Fano main problem that arose in the course of reform.

The first deputy head of the Duma Committee on Education Vladimir Burmatov ( “United Russia”) welcomes Livanov resign, as he believes that the “bad cope with their responsibilities, a lot of mistakes, a lot of wrong decisions have been made was made.” “It seems to me that the accepted resignation of the president – this is a very positive step for the education system,” – said Burmatov

The first deputy head of the Duma Committee on Education Oleg Smolin (Communist Party) said that the removal of Livanov should have a positive impact on development. education in Russia and added the government’s popularity and the President before the election. “Dmitry Livanov was one of the least popular Russian ministers, and this permutation, I think, will benefit education in Russia”, – Smolin said, noting that the decision before the election decision “by chance”

“The Insider. “

Vasiliev graduated from the conducting and choral department of the Moscow state Institute of culture, then the historical faculty of the Moscow pedagogical Institute and the department of” international relations “Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Ministry. More than 10 years working in the center of the history of religion and the Church Institute of Russian History. In recent years, served as deputy head of the department for public projects the Russian presidential administration.

According to Burmatova, Vasilyeva deeply understands the challenges faced by the Russian education. “Vasiliev worked in general education, she worked in the high school system, she knows how to work the Academy of Sciences, that is a person from the inside, and quite comprehensive and deep understanding of the challenges currently facing Russian education. Before it is now worth very . She is not an easy task to solve the problems that have been created and generated by the previous Minister of education, which have been artificially sharpened, to deal with those mistakes that could not do “- said Burmatov.

“In general, a woman – the Minister of Education – is a good thing and I think that now the educational community perceive positively today’s personnel decisions the president I think this is a real victory of the Russian education.” – Said the MP

. Head of the President on public projects Zenkovich Paul, who was the supervisor Vasilyeva said that over 3.5 years of joint work, it proved to be “a terrific expert who knows all the processes from the inside.” “She’s a person in the field of Education and Sciences Yes, it is a loss for us, but at the same time and the honor we with the Ministry of Education work closely with its purpose the Ministry has acquired a great deal…” – Zenkovich said

<. h3> The Ministry is working nominally

Ministry of Education after the resignation Livanov said that it continues to operate normally and to prepare for the beginning of the school year.

“Before the Ministry of Education are tasks aimed at development of education and science in Russia, including ensuring access to quality education for all sections of the population as a basis for social mobility, providing current and future needs of the economy and social sphere in the professional staff necessary skills, to create conditions for development of continuing education, to create conditions for the development and effective use of scientific and technical potential “, – added in the department

New post Livanov

Talking about the future career path Livanov, Putin noted that the ex-minister. – “a person purely civilian, with extensive experience in public works.” “I think that his personal business skills to help in the construction, the revival of economic relations with our neighboring country, which for us is important,” – said the head of state. Putin also said that the development of trade and economic relations of Russia and Ukraine should be in the field of constant attention.

Director of Policy Analysis and Management, Institute of Ukrainian Ruslan Bortnik expressed the view that the appointment to the new position Livanov will have no impact on the economic relations between Russia and Ukraine, which are “held hostage to political relations.” “Without radical solutions to political relations will not be any progress in the economy who have been there, would there Livanov, would be there in person, Dmitry Medvedev, the situation had not changed.” – Said Bortnik RIA Novosti



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