Thursday, August 18, 2016

Performances from the forum “Tauris” may be included in the repertoire of the theater Vakhtangov – RIA Novosti

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MOSCOW, August 18 – RIA Novosti. The best theatrical performances of teams participating sixth change of the All-Russian youth educational forum “Tavrida” may be included in the repertoire of the Moscow Vakhtangov theater, said at the forum theater director Kirill Kroc.

National youth educational forum “Tavrida “held at Bakal Spit in Crimea. It is attended by about three thousand teachers of artists and young professionals of different creative directions. The forum will last till August 24th.

“Today on site” Tauris “held its first organizational meeting with the participants of the forum, which took place a creative selection to continue acting and directing laboratory in Moscow on the basis of our theater. This program is already supported by a grant from the President of the Russian Federation in the field of culture and art. Selected guys – about 36 people – come to Moscow, where under the direction of the Vakhtangov Theatre will take the release of their performances on the results of viewing artistic director Rimas Tuminas will decide whether to include 1-2 of the best works in the repertoire “-. the press service quoted Rosmolodezh Kroc .

He said that such projects provide an opportunity for young people from all over Russia to realize themselves and their talents. This shows the participants’ works will be held at the theater public, inviting the press and selling tickets to them.

“in the list of participants of our project a lot of young people are not from Moscow. The opportunity to participate in such a project – this is an opportunity to show themselves, believe in themselves and self-realization “, – Krok emphasized

in addition to working within the walls of the theater, the project participants are also waiting in the center of the capital city tours, the Kremlin, and in the present. currently negotiating with other theatrical venues in Moscow, so that young people can visit other performances

Read more about the news of the Crimea – on & gt;. & gt;

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