Friday, August 19, 2016

Played Sharikova actor Vladimir Tolokonnikov was hospitalized – Russian Newspaper

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Actor State Academic Russian Drama Theatre named after M. Lermontov (Almaty, Kazakhstan) and the winner of the State Prize of the Russian Federation Vladimir Tolokonnikov, widely known after participating in 1988 Sharikova role in the film adaptation of “heart of a Dog” MA Bulgakov in the director’s treatment of Vladimir Bortko, was hospitalized during a tour in Kostanay, Interfax reported.

Tolokonnikova With the participation on the stage of Kostanay regional Russian drama theater were to be shown some performances, but, feeling bad actor, hard had undergone flight, require hospitalization.

at the moment, it is unknown whether the actor to perform on stage in the next ten days will be able to troupe will on tour in Kostanay.

on the first day of the tour instead of the play “Family portrait with a stranger,” which plays Tolokonnikov, viewers will show the comedy “What women want”. The actor previously had health problems – in 2013 he was urgently made to coronary angiography and held stenting

The actor, born and raised in Kazakhstan, most of their time paid work in the theater, but continues to act and. to the cinema. Among the paintings with his participation can be distinguished films, “Cloud-Paradise”, “Hottabych”, “sky with diamonds”, “Ghost”, “Dreams of an idiot” and TV series “Deadly force 5″ and “Special Forces in Russian”.

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