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Russian authors need to change the management of RAO – BBC

Healthy competition

In the press service of the ROAS is said that the Union was established on the basis of non-profit partnership “Russian society of authors and other copyright holders for the collective management of their rights ROAP.” “Appropriate changes to the constituent documents were approved by the general meeting of the members of the partnership at the end of July 2016″, – the press service, adding that “the work ROAS will be based on direct agreements with users,” and that “ROAS members will withdraw its rights from the Russian Authors’ society (RAO) in the near future will put the question of a new competition for state accreditation. »

The creators of the Union, as stated in a press release, We became “the leading Russian authors and music publishers»

Director-General of the Union elected Maksim Dmitriev.; Co-Chairs of the Board ROAS became People’s Artist of Russia Igor Butman and composer Stas Namin. In ROAS board includes Alexander Gradsky, Anatoly Kroll, Vyacheslav Dobrynin, Daniel Kramer, Alexei Rybnikov, Vladimir Presnyakov Sr., Vasily Vakulenko (Basta), Victor Drobysh and others. The members of ROAS entered Vyacheslav Butusov, Gennady Gladkov Alexander Zatsepin Vyacheslav Malezhik, Alexander Malinin and other authors, as well as Russian music publishers.

The main mission of the Union is called the “establishment of a new copyright management standards on a collective basis” . “The basis of the activities ROAS will be on the principles of transparency and accountability of the organization to the authors,” – noted in a press release ROAS

Co-Chair of the Council of the new organization, People’s Artist of Russia Igor Butman. an interview with “Gazetoy.Ru” reported that Russian author Union created, first of all, in the normal course of competition.

«We have chosen competition as one of the foundations of the economy … If we only have one RW, it will collect the copyrights as it collects them before, and will have the same trials of its leaders, is an opaque form of payments to tracking and more. In order to create competition, we are doing the Russian author’s Union “, – he said

In ROAS, according to Butman, come any new authors, or those who were dissatisfied with the activities of the RAO.. “Each society will try and work better to attract authors. And the authors will have a choice – said Butman. – Here at me there was no choice. I was a member of the RAW and has not received a penny. »

The musician said that he himself did not serious about monitoring the situation with deductions, but also noted that just could not find out how much money and for what it works rely.

«I do not have time to do it, I have an orchestra, music, performances, social work … How much money do I have to waste – I do not I know. Why do I need a society that is distracting me on what they should do? And I’m not the only one. Some people live on the royalties, “- said co-chair of the Russian Authors Union Council

« When the leaders of these companies buy yourself some real estate, the question arises -. But not whether to create a new architectural alliance, which will be more confidence, and that, of course, will try to do everything better under public control of known authors and performers “- summed up Butman. He added that if the situation with the waste cleared up and it will continue to be active, the authors will benefit – as with any competition

«I would like to order is fallen»

It goes waste. meanwhile fever. Inside the company formed a kind of initiative group, reported on the need for a special conference with a definite purpose – to “bring order to the organization (RAO), which, in fact, is our agent for the collection and distribution of royalties».

recently, members of the initiative group sent a letter to Russian Minister of Justice Alexander Konovalov, with a request to provide legal assistance in the organization and holding of an extraordinary conference.

will be discussed at the event, specifically, the issue of early termination of powers of the General Director of RAO Sergei Fedotov and removal from the post of Deputy General Director Vera Fedotova, the election of a new CEO and the Authors Board in its new composition, to conduct an independent audit of financial and economic activity of radioactive waste, the adoption of urgent measures waste of financial recovery and other issues.

RAO, in turn, responded to appeal to the Prosecutor General with a request to check the legality of actions of the initiative group. The company’s management stated that it considers the conference “an attempt to raider attacks»

«BBC», talked to ordinary members of the Russian Authors’ Society -. one of those most 26 thousand authors, consisting RAO – found that people far from occurring inside the top splits, however, impose the same claims

and the main -. it is the opacity of the Company, non-payment of royalties and corruption in the manual <. / span>

Alex Popkov, heir to the famous Russian artist Viktor Popkov, said that he did not receive any sort of contributions in the last three years. “Viktor Popkov – artist of the first echelon, his name sounds constantly, exhibitions – in Italy, in England, has been a huge project in the Tretyakov Gallery … This name constantly on the ear. And the sooner we receive royalties, but after three years there is nothing at all “, – says Alexei wife Nonna Karaivanova.

According to her, when Alexei Popkov received a letter from the initiative group, he signed it, because It supports the stated idea – re-elect the leadership of the copyright society. “RAO works very poorly. Earlier still going something, but in the last three years – the silence. Therefore, we advocate that the change of leadership, put things in order, “- said Karaivanova. “We people do not conflict, you just want to order is fallen, and it is not a long time”, -. She added

«I am dissatisfied with the system itself, which does not exist for authors but for a handful of managers “, – says Alexander Chernyshov, composer, lyricist, Ph.D, head of the ECC” Mediamuzyka »

According to him, in the waste completely opaque reporting system.. Radio stations, TV companies and other users of copyright waste sent to reports, however, the rights holders themselves may not be familiar with them and, in fact, do not know what they have received money. “There comes a report: you paid so many rubles. Why so much? Why only these works ..? “- Outraged Chernyshov

In addition, according to him, in the waste was not and is not art experts, which would check compliance of products referred to in the reports, with really. Performed in a particular time of the works – and this is a big problem: “Somewhere sounds in your music, and the user in a report written -” Lambada »

« For. all these years in this system of RAO formed with irregular reports to … clear why – said Chernyshov. -. But the author’s advice this activity covers »

The author notes that it is not sure of the effectiveness of a special conference, if it takes place. “13 500 votes must be collected in writing and sent to the author’s advice, and he will decide on his re-election … This is absurd. I do not know how you can make a difference. Probably something to do can only the minister or the president … But something must be done. And first of all – to change the management of RAO »



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