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“Spasskaya Tower” -2016: all set to the music battle – BBC News

A little more than a day left before the start of the grand musical battle. August 27 in the capital will open the international festival “Spasskaya Tower”. This year the participants – and that 24 military bands from different countries – will perform in parks, squares and even train stations. Dive into the atmosphere of the festival and will be at ENEA – traditional procession is held there. But the main action, of course, will be held on the Red Square.

Even after the sun goes down here never ceases music. 20:00 – at exactly the same time on Saturday to begin the world’s largest parade of military bands. Prior to the start – a little more than a day. Rehearsal – General. All participants – in the collection, it is more than a thousand people. 24 orchestra, 12 countries of the world. Red Square is all set for a grand musical battle

will open the festival guards of honor the four countries of the world. Russia, Belarus, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. Absolutely systems, measured pace, they will march one after another, hitting all the incredible coherence. Combined Military Band troops of the National Guard will perform a melody familiar to every Russian pop

This year, the “Spasskaya Tower” -. This festival mood. The Italians will play classics, Kazakhstan – Russian folk works, Israel opted for pop music that is impossible to stand still. Even the commander of the unit began to dance

“I can not describe it in words You have to be here to feel it It’s great, and we are very happy that we are here..” -. The participant of the festival Nahari Oded . (Israel)

Every orchestra is preparing not just a room – a real show. International performers of Scottish dance team will be on stage on the machines. No less incendiary room – at Suvorov, they will surprise the audience with original rebuild

2016 th -. Year film, so that the parade will feature all your favorite tunes from the Soviet films. The music of the films “Jolly Fellows”, “Midshipmen, forward!”, “I Step Through Moscow” play

“Central Military Orchestra of the Ministry of Defence. This year we are not tied to any date, so our task – to make this festival cheerful, optimistic, in a good mood “, – stressed in an interview with the program” Vesti-Moscow “music director of the festival” Spasskaya tower “, the chief military conductor of Russia, People’s Artist of Russia Valery Khalilov

. Final – the music from the ballet “The Nutcracker” performed by the joint orchestra. And yet – a light installation at St. Basil’s Cathedral. Then perform Mireille Mathieu – it’s a tradition. Complete the submission by the march “Farewell of Slav”.

For those who want to see this spectacular show, should hurry. More than 60 thousand tickets – and it is 90% – are already sold. However, those who do not have time, will have another chance. On the final day of the festival, September 4th, military bands will perform in 11 parks of Moscow. Admission is free

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