Monday, August 29, 2016

The box office horror “Do not breathe,” Federico Alvarez – BBC

Detroit is dying before our eyes. Once the industrial capital of the State of Michigan today picturesque, but uninhabitable Gallery abandoned houses, overgrown with weeds. Adult citizens are accustomed to poverty and hopelessness, young people see their purpose at first just to survive, and then in every possible way to go, for example, in sunny California. Rocky (Jane Levy), Mani (Daniel Dzovato) and Alex (Dylan Minnette) choosing small robberies, which contributes to the fact that the Pope Alex works for a security firm and holds the keys to many homes. The last thing that should ensure Rocky and Alex means, should be a robbery at home helpless blind veteran (Stephen Lang), recently received compensation for the death of his daughter.

However, he found himself on the spot guys understand that greatly underestimated his victim as a man easily turns the house into a theater of war.

the director Federico Alvarez is now singing praises critics and audiences on both sides of the ocean, and this despite the fact that his career could not quite start to finish. “Do not breathe,” his second film, the first was a remake of “The Evil Dead” and the iconic status of the original might well bury under a hapless newcomer. It almost happened – now met discontent, but a desperate and ambitious director was in the producers of the author of the original “Dead” by Sam Raimi and began a second project under the working title “The Man in the Dark»

In fact, already at the header level. Alvarez film captivates the simplicity and certainty. The director does not try to confuse the viewer, on the other hand, behave calmly and confidently. “Do not breathe,” one of those movies that are impossible prospoylerit, even if the recount what is happening on the screen from the first to the last frame. Dramatic twist here for half an hour exactly one, but one that runs on the back bracing chill. Alvarez consciously defines a space and the number of characters, but every detail is using to its fullest. And it concerns not just the broken glass, and a few less obvious items such as garden tools or just a lazy half the picture under the feet of the corpse.

At the same time, despite the seeming simplicity of the drama, the picture is organized thinner than it seems. Of course, the main source of suspense is almost uncannily resourceful blind men, for whom the war will never end. But on the other hand, a significant part of the tension and intrigue caused by the fact that the viewer until the last can not be defined with sympathy. It seems to be the main characters – the desperate teens, but protecting your home unnamed fighter too strange to consider the villain

Compounding this situation, first of all, a brilliant game by Stephen Lang, and water. Secondly – the iconic white vest-alcoholic, that under certain assumptions allows you to watch “Do not breathe” as “Die Hard” on the contrary

and finally.. In terms of genre, “Do not breathe,” should have stood in the thriller section, but in the fact that it was written down in horror, there is absolutely no mistakes. The problem of modern horror films – the banality of evil. Another inspired by Lovecraft monster, an evil disembodied spirit or a madman with a razor blade in his hand did not cause trepidation even among loyal adherents of the genre. And indeed against the background of today’s news reports, any devilry looks so-so. So blind is incredibly tenacious veteran of Iraq on this background looks very successful opening of the genre – such old men here, like it or not, the place



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