Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Trailer for the movie “Cast Away-one: Star Wars” won the competition in social networks – BBC

The film “Cast Away-one. Star Wars: The Stories “became the leader of references in social networks last week. According to ComScore research company, from August 8 to 14 paintings mentioned in 277 thousand topics, and the total number of mentions almost reached 1.3 million It is about ten times higher than a similar indicator of the nearest competitor -.. Another potential blockbuster “Fast and the Furious-8 “which gave rise to only 26.5 thousand.” conversations “in social networks.

The reason for the discussion of” rogue states-one “served as the release of a new trailer, which was shown Thursday, August 11, during the broadcast of a summer Olympics-2016.

This video seems to have been presented at the time of the next Star Wars Celebration, which was held in London in mid-July. He was then only shows visitors the traditional convention of fans of “Star Wars,” but share it did not spread. However, revelations kakih-to compared with teaser “Outcast-one” (published in April) in the trailer did not happen, but with all the promotional materials of the future of the film (with even borders and videos from the set, which just announced during the Celebration 2016 ) show him as a dark episode in the history of the galaxy far, far away, which is not necessarily good for the end of the main characters. However, with the final picture and all so clear

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Film which makes director Gareth Edwards will be the first spin-offom in the world invented by George Lucas space saga, and it it will be about how the rebels kidnapped the drawings of the first death Star – that is about the events that directly preceded the “New hope”, published in 1977, the fourth episode of the franchise. The main role in the film will play Felicity Jones, a character, a criminal Gene Ersoy, and entrusted the main work on the theft. In addition, the “outcast-one” starring Diego Luna, Forest Whitaker, Mads Mikkelsen, Genevieve O’Reilly (play it again Senator Mon Mothma), and will be a new droid – K-2S0, a bit like the usual C3P-O, but not so brilliant. The trailer appeared silhouette of Darth Vader – until then part of the main villain of the saga in the “outcast-one” is not officially confirmed

In fact, thanks to social networks trailer of “rogue states” found a few. . records

according to the velocity of propagation among the users it is about seven times ahead of video films that go into half-time of the final match on the American football in February – this year it was the “Captain America: the Confrontation “” Jason Bourne “,” X-Men: Apocalypse “,” Deadpool “and” The jungle book. ” Perhaps blame for this collection of paintings selected for this landmark event, but each of these films subsequently successfully delivered at the box office (this applies even to new adventures Bourne) and became one of the failures of Hollywood projects the first half of the year, which in 2016 appeared unseemly lot.

However, the Olympics-2016 in the US look probably better than the Super Bowl (the more so because the American team is now leading in the number of medals). And because of this popularity of the main sporting event of the year trailer “Outcast-one” got a million views per hour – the same as, and video of the seventh episode of “The Awakening forces” franchise in October 2015 th

As a result, the trailer “rogue states” for the first day looked at 24 million people – on all platforms, the number of viewers on YouTube was smaller than on Facebook (14 million vs. 16 million)


«Fast and Furious”, of course, is not as well-known franchise, but “Star wars” she lost deservedly. The reason for the discussion of serial crime drama was not even the end of the survey period of the eighth, and the scandal that provoked Dwayne Johnson. In his farewell post on his blog, he is very unflattering comments about working together, apparently, with Vin Diesel (name of the actor did not mention wisely), after which was followed by numerous news and discussion on the Internet (though not as rapid as in the case of . “rogue-one»)

the third place in this peculiar rating received another big project – “Fantastic beasts and where they live»

About “Fantastic creatures” users of social networks said 21 kDa time, and the cumulative number of references in general was even greater than that of “Fast and the Furious-8″ – about 500 kDa, however, is nothing surprising – Harry Potter is huge audience of fans and well It can be compared with that of the “Star wars”, and although the film of Harry Potter will not be (the film is dedicated to the author of the textbook in the headline Newt Scamander), the project is still waiting with impatience. And let it almost did not give a reason for the discussion – but there was news about the participation in the film actress Zoe Kravitz and a few frames of film – but when the fans stopped by the little things

In addition, “Fantastic Beasts and Where they live “- the nearest release of the discussion, its premiere is scheduled for November this year, and” Cast Away-one “is due out in December, a year after the eighth episode. “Fast and the Furious-8″ in general have to wait until April 2017, but the trailer for the film promises a little earlier – at the end of the year



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