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100 years ago was born Zinovy Gerdt – Газета.Ru

In 1945, Zinovy Gerdt came back from the war. After being seriously wounded in the leg he suffered more than a dozen operations, could not walk, lameness remained for the rest of life. Others do not believe he will be able to continue her acting career, which successfully started before the war in the famous Studio under the leadership of Alexey Arbuzov and Pluchek Valentine. In order to remain in the profession, Gerdt came to the Moscow Theatre of dolls of Sergey Obraztsova. He hoped that be as an actor, though behind the screen. Life decided differently. After fifteen years Gerdt has become one of the most popular Soviet artists. To the eightieth anniversary of his filmography consisted of more than 200 positions.

“Nine days of one year”, 1961, dir. Mikhail Romm, reads the text behind the scenes

One of the symbols of the era of “physicists and lyricists”. Film by Alexey Batalov, Tatyana Lavrova and innocent Smoktunovsky starring accumulated all cinestetico the sixties: this is our realism and our romanticism. Perhaps first it sounded voice-Zinovy Gerdt. Probably due to this film, a voice remembered by millions of viewers. Without any affectation, very reserved Gerdt was able to convey the drama of a complicated plot. Subsequently, Gerdt voiced numerous voice-over narrators, than ennobled dozens of domestic films. But this film is the first, and the voice Gerdt there is an integral part of the artistic design.

“the Magician”, 1967, dir. Peter Todorovsky, screenplay by Alexander Volodin

the First and almost the only main role. Playwright Alexander Volodin in the sixties was at the height of his fame. Its strange, no one else like heroes enjoyed great popularity and caused the full sympathy of the public. The illusionist Kukushkin, restless and unsettled person,” fit seamlessly into a number volodinskaya characters. But Gerdt was very different from the actors, which was then adopted to remove in the lead roles. Later earned fame as a comedian here Zinovy Gerdt appears as a major actor of great range.

“the Golden calf”, 1968, dir. Michael Schweitzer, the role Panikovsky

One of the roles that made Gerdt Union known. After it is difficult to imagine another Panikovski. The scene of escape with the goose in hand, the stage of “Give me a million, give a million” and many others included in the anthology of Russian cinema.

“King Lear, 1970, dir. Georgii Kozintsev, the voice of the main character played by Estonian actor jüri of Arleta

Kozintsev recalled that for a long time could not find the performer of the role of king Lear. The only thing that was decided from the outset: to say Gerdt. Actually with him Kozintsev and worked on the role. He rightly remained in history as the only performer in the Soviet cinema, one of the most tragic Shakespearean characters.

“Shadow”, 1971, dir. Hope Kosheverova, play Schwartz, the role of the Minister of Finance

Another textbook execution, an absolute hit in the style szarzewski satire. One can only Express disappointment that more Gerdt in the plays Schwartz did not play.

“Extraordinary concert”, filmed in 1972, dir. Sergey Samples, semen Tyrant, the role of entertainer Aplombov

As you know, Gerdt worked in the puppet Theatre under the direction of Sergey Obraztsova 37 years. Largely it utilizes the repertoire of this theatre. Behind the screen he played the bears, wolves, devils, and Aladdin, Prince Potemkin, and others. Entertainer Aplombov in the legendary play, 1946 Gerdt played almost as much as he worked in the theater. His success in this role compared to virtually nothing. He has enriched the Russian language with many invented aphorisms and sayings. Each appearance of an entertainer before the curtain was already quite a complete performance.

Goethe. Scenes from the tragedy “Faust”, 1986, dir. Michael Kozak, the role of Mephistopheles

One of the few cases where Gerdt screen reading poetry. Translation of Pasternak’s favorite poet Gerdt — the sound in this TV movie unexpectedly. Gerdt also seeks to convey the intonation of the poet-translator and create the image of Mephistopheles, one of the key images of world culture. The task is feasible actor with a unique technique, and the man of high culture.


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