Saturday, September 24, 2016

Alexander Panayotov impressed the jury of the show “the Voice” – Arguments.

|16:29 Lavrov explained why the talks with Kerry lasted 16 hours |16:20 In Russia enterovirus raging in seven regions |16:11 at least 600 people were evacuated from the Kiev railway station in Moscow |15:46 Poklonskaya wants to work in the state Duma Committee on constitutional construction |15:45 In St. Petersburg, the girl fell from the window of a 15th floor |15:21 Posts in the state Duma will distribute the “United Russia”, Spring – Vice-speaker |14:47 In a network there was video of the accident with four dead |13:57 On Board a plane flying to St. Petersburg, he died a citizen of India |13:47 shell of times of the second world war found in the South-East of Moscow |13:22 Georgia rule: American harshly dealt with robbers (VIDEO) |12:58 Vitaly Mutko was re-elected as head of the RFU |12:40 Armed RAID on a shop “Beeline” made in Moscow |12:01 Mutko admitted that he was “crank” |10:58 Three armed unknown liquidated in Dagestan |10:38 the Vehicle and moose collided in the suburbs, there are dead |09:44 Hillary Clinton on a post of the President of the United States promises to resolve that banned Obama |08:00 In the Mall of the USA, killing four |07:44 Donald trump will pay for the media campaign $ 140 million |23.09 22:53 Lavrov stressed the inadmissibility of the philosophy of “Animal farm” in the 21st century |23.09 22:26 In Moscow, the truck fell off the tow truck for a foreign car |23.09 22:23 Unknown burned the car of the woman who brought down a puppy |23.09 21:53 In St. Petersburg, a girl on the sidewalk was hit by a stray car engine |23.09 21:05 the UN security Council adopted a resolution in support of a ban on nuclear testing |23.09 20:51 Seventeen-year-old intruder in the Kuzbass had to stop firing at wheels |23.09 18:32 the Deceased worker in the Elevator the other day wanted to marry |23.09 18:04 Tatarstan newborn suffered burns due to negligence of medical staff |23.09 15:33 Siluanov: taxes in Russia up to 2020 will not increase |23.09 14:36 LDPR, United Russia and the Communist party responded to Putin’s call to appoint an assistant to the speaker of the state Duma |23.09 14:24 the Child fell from the window of the nine-storey building in Irkutsk when trying to make selfi |23.09 14:19 Aksenov proposed a resort fee of 50 rubles


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