Wednesday, September 7, 2016

At the book fair presented an award “Book of the Year” – the Russian newspaper

The first day ended with MIBEF traditionally solemn ceremony of awarding the “Book of the Year” award. Therefore, ENEA all went to Taganka – House of Russian abroad. This time the winners of the call in ten categories. The ceremony was preceded by “dancing librarians” – funny girls, deftly managed with books

Grand Prix of the “Book of the Year ‘at the editions of Olga Bergholz” Blockade diary: (1941-1945). “. The winner in this category was presented with a precious egg Ananova, inside which is a miniature book

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In the “Prose of the year” was won by Alexey Ivanov – the novel “Bad weather”. Ivanov in his response was brief – thanked the organizers and publishing. Elena Shubina – editor of the book, admitted that the author sees rarely, and even shy in front of him

The next winner was Oleg Chukhontsev with the collection. “Emerging from the – for the outgoing” in the nomination “The Poetry of the year.” For him, the award received Maxim Amelin. In this season there was a special category award, dedicated to the Year of the movie – “The book and the movie.” He became the laureate Alexei Batalov with a book, “the actor’s Chest.” Hall stood up and applauded for a long time, until Batalov up on stage. “I am happy that I happened to be an artist, but to show off their work, I will not when I look at his picture now, I always want to do everything in a different way to speak about the book -…. Most snide to me turned out in the book to lie uncomfortably, . in life somehow easier to book can be read and understood – sucks written to correspond and it turns out – was something better It is very boring and “round” occupation, but something could not help a man wants to leave:. your kind words about the people that you.. do this always was the most dear to me, and the most interesting general, there is nothing better for an actor than applause Thank you “-… said Alexey

Only one nomination was not the competition -. indisputable victory in the “E-book” won the project “All Tolstoy in one click.” When asked to climb onto the stage Thecla Tolstaya, and it has not appeared, Vladimir Tolstoy modestly said that but he was there. And then he said that nepotism is now out of favor, recalling a recent document the Ministry of Culture. But the prize was a pleasure. And here and Thecla was found.

On this first day of the Moscow International Book Fair has been completed.

Columnists “RG” are the readers of three winners of this year.

Igor Virab

book of the year Olga Bergholz. “Blockade diary: (1941-1945)”. – M .: Vita Nova, 2015

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The research team of Russian state archive of literature and art (RGALI) has prepared the publication of the entire corpus of the diaries of the poet Olga Bergholz – but their publication began with the military cycle – “Blockade diary.” In RGALI stored Olga Feodorovna Wish Foundation, including her diaries 1923-1971 period. For a long time they were in a closed storage: first, by order of state authorities, then by the will of the heirs. Now – they are open

During the siege Olga Bergholz wrote most heartfelt their works -. “February Diary”, “Says Leningrad” … But what happened in the life and soul of the poet itself in the terrible years of the than I thought, “the whistling of shells,” knew only dnevnik.Predelnaya frankness of these records made them for decades closed. Victory Olga Bergholz met as “Leningrad Madonna” – the so-called blockade it. Diary of the war years was the basis for the autobiographical novel “The Daily Star”. The difficult life came a brief respite. Then start a new test – life and solitude

But on the wall of the memorial complex “Piskarevsky” forever left a string of Olga Bergholz:. “No one is forgotten, nothing is forgotten”

Paul Basinskii.

Prose year: Alexey Ivanov. Bad weather. Novel. – M .: AST, “Editorial Elena Shubina,” in 2015

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2008. Collector car driver, a former member of the fighting in Afghanistan on behalf of the German single-handedly arranges the robbery of his van, which transports money from a large shopping center in the pot. So mysterious criminal history begins in the city of Batueva one of the members of the union of veterans of Afghanistan or in the vernacular, “Afghans”. This union – whether a public organization, or business structure, whether gang

The famous writer Alexei Ivanov, the author of such novels as “The Heart of Parma”, “Gold revolt”, “The Geographer Drank His Globe Away. “(the eponymous film based on the novel won the hearts of not only the critics but also mere spectators), and others, as well as an expert on the history and geography of the Urals -. wrote a rather unexpected novel where” genre “literature coexists with psychological and social prose, complementing and enriching each other. It is now fashionable trend, but Alexey Ivanov was able to do it better than others.

The novel with powerful twisted plot and brutal characters written exciting, but at the same time with a deep insight into the “rainy” time, which survived (experienced it?), Russia, and genuine love for his characters

Paul Basinskii

Poetry of the year:. Oleg Chukhontsev. Coming out of the – of the outgoing. – M .: OGI, 2015

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In the new book, the biggest modern Russian poet Oleg Chukhontsev includes poems written by him after twelve years ago published a book of poems “Fifia”

The first poetic publication Chukhontsev Oleg, who was then a graduate of the Moscow regional Nadezhda Krupskaya pedagogical Institute, held in 1958, and the first collection of poems “Of the three notebooks” was released only in 1976. Drafted in 1960, a book of poems “The plan” was not published, I was subjected to a ban and the next book – “Name”. In 1968, after the publication in the journal “Youth” of the poem “The story of Kurbsky,” began the poet-baiting in the press, the publication of his books were banned. During these years, Oleg Chukhontsev translated the classical and modern poetry

The second book -. “Dormer” – came out in 7 years after the first. But in terms uncensored Oleg Chukhontsev publishes books of poetry rarely, at intervals of 7, 8 and 12 years. He is the recipient of many prestigious Russian and international awards. In particular, in 1993 he was awarded the State Prize in 2003 – the Pushkin Prize in 2007m – the national literary award “The Poet”



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