Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Channel One began airing a talk show, “About Love” – ​​BBC

Ira and Nicholas difficult position. In two weeks they have a wedding, but the couple’s relationship leave much to be desired: the constant scandals, figuring out who’s in charge and decision makers in the family, and their mutual unwillingness to compromise. As a result, they come to the talk show “On Love”, and to cope with the accumulated problems they help the invited experts – specialists in psychology, as well as a professional matchmaker Rosa Syabitova (leads the program “Let’s get married”) and leading Sergey cord and Sofiko Shevardnadze <. / p>

The name of the show “About love”, the show that started this week on the First channel, does not correspond to its content.

it has too broad sense and is probably more appropriate to just transfer Syabitova and the selected format of the program is too similar to “Let Them talk” Andrey Malakhov (for 15 years is a success on the evening air of the First), or long-closed “windows” Dmitry Nagiyev. Both of these projects, by the way, were inspired by the American “The Jerry Springer Show,” which first appeared already in 1991, and love in all these programs, of course, is present, but the meaning of the show is not to search for love (which Russian television usually involved residents . “House-2»)

in principle, the daily show of this kind do not usually cause interest: come they not in prime time ( “About love” show at 16.00 Moscow time) and are designed for completely specific audience (as well as daytime soap operas, for example). But in this case it was different, and the reason for this was Sergei Cords invited as one of the leading

The leader of the group “Leningrad” and the daytime talk show for housewives. – a strange combination to come up was difficult.

The reaction to Shnurova master looked as if he was going in the afternoon on the First channel of Russian television constantly swear, drink vodka straight from the bottle and uncomplicated to put out cigarette butts on the scenery . Actually, the same dissonance generated and written Shnurovym for a new child transmission (of the same First) song – although there is, of course, nothing seditious could not, by definition,

details of the project, as usual, was not long,. and the cord in his blog was limited to just a few words, which caused a lot of speculation on the subject of what will become the next campaign on TV cheeky foul-mouthed and brawler, every second clip which causes the heated discussion and sometimes attracts the attention of the prosecutor’s office.

During the turmoil of the possible behavior of the leader of “Leningrad” somehow forgot about the other lead -. the granddaughter of the second president of Georgia Sofiko Shevardnadze

It runs on Russia Today, there is the author’s program was radio presenter on “Echo of Moscow” and the station, too, like her partner, speaks, perhaps in unusual genre it. No policy in the “About love” is not in sight

The debut program has caused legitimate negative reviews -. Everything was too easy and nothing supernatural in the first issue, of course, did not happen. In contrast to the same “Window” in the “About love” no one was eager to beat the opponent or call him bad words. Cords also kept himself in hand, and his scenic image resembled only suit – to the extent of the absurd, but okay sitting

Rating from the show, by the way, turned out to be quite decent:. Share the show was about 14%, which is a very good indicator for the day ether

in general, the leading were equals -. none of them, do not overtighten the blanket over himself, they engaged in a conversation at the same level, trying to talk with their heroes and still solve their problem. It was resolved – in the final release of Ira and Nicholas were married, that is perhaps reminiscent of a fairy tale ending. But, basically, “about love” – ​​this is a fairy tale in which the protagonists live initially little in hell, they all bad, but at some point there is a good magician who with one stroke of a magic wand makes all good . The approach is perhaps the best among similar show – and let in the first issues wand looks broken and hidden from prying eyes, like Hagrid. If the creators of the program will be able to enhance the magical component, not muttering unintelligible incantations patter, then “About Love” will find its audience: the belief in a miracle in mankind is indestructible. Well, if not, Cords will continue to shock the audience in the traditional genre of musical creativity.


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