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Chesley Sullenberger of Clint Eastwood’s “Miracle on the Hudson” – BBC

On September 8, Russian rolling out the film by Clint Eastwood “Miracle on the Hudson” – based on a true story drama about the phenomenal pilot Chesley Sullenberger, played by Tom Hanks. In January 2009, Sullenberger after failure of both engines landed Airbus A320 aircraft on the Hudson River. On the eve of the premiere of “Times” interviewed Sullenberger

-. How do you assess the work of Tom Hanks

-? I think it’s a great job, and not only because of what has been achieved resemblance. For me it was obvious that, in preparation for the role, he viewed the mass of documentary material, listened to the record, watched the interview that I gave. He is one of those who are considering performing arts as a technology relates to the roles very carefully, and it is possible to make the most of the hero alive. He physically, mentally and emotionally accustomed to this role. Tom told me how difficult it is for him to assess the part of his game, but he was able to capture and convey the tension and drama and at the time of landing on water, and in the course of the investigation (which is conducted by the Transportation Security Commission -. “Times”).

– When Clint Eastwood decided to make a film about this story, how do you respond

-? The producers have offered to turn in the script of my book “The highest duty” in 2010 year. But it took a while before the script liked Clint Eastwood and he began to shoot the film. When it became known that Clint does it, I was very happy – worth the wait to find a director who embody the story in a dignified manner

-. How do you feel about the fact that, despite the manifest you heroism, you actually got to court

-? Of course, it was a difficult situation

I think that the commission was trying to get to. the truth, whatever it may be, not worrying too much about my professional reputation, and the other persons involved in pursuing their goals each.

For many, I could become a scapegoat. But I did not worry that I was found guilty in the incident. I was concerned only whether I have correctly assessed the situation, and if I did the right choice

-. I’m sorry, but I can not help but ask how you managed so quickly to react to the extreme situation

– I was the one who was responsible, I was the commander of the ship. My post was called – “the aircraft commander.” So I started to act immediately, although it was a situation with which we have never experienced. Besides these, our training simulators are not taught to sit on the water. The only training, we received about the landing on the water, was a theoretical discussion in flight school. And yet we are the first time in history to land the plane in the water and did it right in just 209 seconds. At the same time, I was absolutely sure I could do it. And I thought there was not, I would die that day. I did not think that I can not win. However, I do not know how tough will fit and how long the aircraft can survive in the water

But I was able to land so that rescuers could arrive as soon as possible -. It was crucial factor in such a cold day

-. in addition to the crew you many times thanked the passengers who in such terrible circumstances were very disciplined. How they did it in such a stressful situation, deadly

-? Despite the fact that every person has acted in his own interests, there were people who helped others. There was a woman in a wheelchair, and passengers and crew helped her and her adult daughter to get out. There was a family of four with two children, one of whom was nine months, and the other passengers helped them. So it was not such that one was only for itself. Of course, there were screams and shoving, but I’m very proud of how behaved passengers and crew. Perhaps all is not well finished, because people acted in concert in such a difficult situation

-. There are engineers, who say that in five years in the sky will fly the planes, which will manage the autopilot, but your example shows how important the human factor in this profession. What do you think of the term

-? I think that the best system – those who pay enough attention and human and technical factors

Every person and every technology have both their strengths and their weaknesses, and we have to take every proper role to make the system more viable.

I can pay your attention to a recent statement by the head of the National transportation safety Board Chris Hart, who gave a speech at the Association of civil pilots. He remembered our case, and said that such a situation today, fortunately, does not happen again – just because of the technique. But at the same time he stressed that the people – it’s less predictable part, but also the most adaptive. Technology can do that for which it has been programmed, and the person can cope with what happens suddenly

-. What advice can you give young pilots, who have come to rely on technology

– Pilot makes successful what I call a professional approach – discipline, plus the ability to deal with distractions. It is necessary to identify errors before they can cause harm, and I believe that it is possible to learn

-. «Miracle on the Hudson” will soon be shown in Russia. Would you like to come here and meet with Russian pilots, who are also watching with interest will be the film

-? Yes, of course. I have, incidentally, had a conversation with the Russian pilots a year later, after the story in 2009.

And some of them said that the Russian have always believed that their pilots better but the Americans have better planes.

but after 2009 they decided to revise it and came to the conclusion that American pilots are not worse. I was flattered by this compliment.


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