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Died director Paul Chomsky – Culture Channel

06.09.2016 | 12:23

 It does not become one of the most famous Moscow theater directors – Paul Chomsky. This was reported in the Moscow Soviet Theatre. Of the fifty performances that Pavel Osipovich put on the stage, many entered the history of Russian theater. The master’s works enjoyed success abroad – in France, the theaters, the US, Spain

 In 1973, at the invitation of Yu Zavadsky Chomsky became the producer of the Theatre of the Moscow Soviet, in 1985 – its main director, and since 2000 – artistic director of the

 Chomsky could often be seen in the audience. He is keenly watched as actors there in the space of his performances. “The actor – a major figure in the theater,” – says the director. “If there is an actor who is able to realize my intention, all my global plans remain unfulfilled – was convinced the People’s Artist of the RSFSR. – Directed by itself does not mean much. ” When asked how it is possible to maintain the creative tone, he replied as follows: “You just need to continuously work»

 Since 1969 until recently, Pavel Osipovich also taught in GITIS.

 Chomsky – winner of many famous diplomas theatrical parades. In 2015 was awarded the Honorary Award “for outstanding contribution to the development of theater art” theater festival “Golden Mask».

 In telesetke TV channel “Culture” has changed. Today, 20:05 will show the program “In Memory of Paul Chomsky. Theatre chronicle. Favorites”.


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