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Dovlatov was in the same row with smelt and “Zenith” team – Independent Newspaper

Petersburgers have celebrated the anniversary of the famous writer

 Saint-Petersburg,  Dovlatov, a monument
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«D-Day” – under this title was held in St. Petersburg, a three-day festival dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the writer Sergei Dovlatov. His organization, as well as the culminating event – the opening of the monument took place on September 4 – proved to be a kind of sudden and implement “in spite of the elements”, and funds were raised in record time the public concerned forces


The fact is that under the law of St. Petersburg , the monuments in the streets can not be installed in honor of someone else, if from the date of his death has not passed 30 years. Therefore, the program of the festival was originally planned journey carved by sculptor Vyacheslav Buhaevym famous writer on city streets. However, on August 31, it became known that the governor Georgy Poltavchenko allows you to install a sculpture near the house on Rubinstein, 23, where he lived Sergey Donatovich, open the monument will be the vice-governor Igor Albin, and the celebrations will come to the widow and family Dovlatova.


The initiator of the festival the writer and creator of all sorts of art projects Lev Lurie and his daughter Sophie in those days presented a guide to dovlatovskogo places, as well as participated in various events for a wide or narrow range – were film screenings, readings, discussions. Lev Lurie at one of these events, said: “As a local patriot, I believe that Dovlatov as smelt, as” Zenith “, as Harms and Brodsky – a symbol of the city,” something he certainly was right – starting Friday , St. Petersburg made a pilgrimage to the desired home, which brought the monument on Saturday. Some people had a chance to get on a tour of the “historic” front. The networks were an incredible number of quotations from books Dovlatov. Deputy of the Legislative Assembly Boris Vishnevsky, who was unable because of the cold to come to the celebration, wrote the correspondent of “NG”: “First, that Dovlatov wrote, it seems very funny. And when re-read – you know, that in fact this is a very sad thought. About us, about our life that we see around us. Here are the most favorite. And still – current. “Man is capable of anything -. Bad and good I am sad that it is so why give us the God of steadfastness and courage And even better -.. The circumstances of time and place, possessing good …”. “One of the major sensations associated with our time, it was a feeling of impending absurd when madness becomes normal.” “Do not hide from happiness, because life is short.” “True courage is to love life, knowing about her the whole truth.” How can we miss today Dovlatova … »


There were in the city, however, and angry opponents of the event, who saw in it “the machinations of the liberals.” For some, Viktor Ivantsov and Anna Belyakova exclaim on the Web: “Why did the writer, who emigrated to the United States on their own, to be immortalized in the city, which he left and that was not going to come back? For what services? Just because someone finds it brilliant? “They opposed Dovlatova Alexander Solzhenitsyn and Joseph Brodsky, who, in their opinion,” carried through his life the love of Leningrad “, and it is not carried Dovlatov. Authors angry diatribes surprised that Smolninskiy Committee for Culture, represented by the chairman Konstantin Sukhenko supported the idea.


However, the vice-governor Igor Albin believes that everything is in order. At the opening of the monument, he said: “” In this day in his native St. Petersburg – Leningrad returns one of the most popular writers of the Soviet Union, modern Russia “This surprised many of St. Petersburg – as you know, in the Soviet Union the name and the book of the disgraced ex-pat was banned and not. known to the cities and villages. The ceremony was attended by businessman Sergei Boyarsky, the son of a famous actor, editor in chief of the magazine “Star” Andrei Aryev, Dovlatova each in his “Leningrad times,” Lev Lurie and others. The widow of writer Elena Dovlatova thanked governor Georgy Poltavchenko and organizers festival and said that he felt, in spite of the fact that for 40 years there is not living at the Rubinstein is still at home.


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