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In Moscow began the first collectors Convention – RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, 22 sen — news, Valery Vysokosov. Representatives of the professional community of collectors of different directions for the first time came together in the space of the Central house of the artist, to discuss the preservation of cultural heritage, to share experiences with colleagues and to develop a strategy of interaction with the state and legal system.

Pressing problems

the Russian forum of collectors started work early in the am Wednesday: in one of the halls brought together Museum Directors, curators of collections, collectors, state representatives — all those who daily interacts with art and acutely aware of the imperfection of the legislation and issues in the public consciousness that prevent private collecting to develop for the benefit of the preservation of cultural heritage.

collecting has been developing in Russia for many years — much longer than you can imagine. The General Director of the Tretyakov gallery Zelfira Tregulova reminded that the history Museum is a striking example of effective private initiatives, because the brothers Tretyakov, in fact, took the challenge and began to collect works of art that now form a rich collection of paintings.

Until recently, various public organizations of collectors existed separately. A powerful incentive for consolidation was the need to come together to discuss and influence legislation, which does not always take into account the real situation in this sphere.

In early June, the state Duma at plenary session adopted in first reading a bill on tax and customs incentives for private museums, as well as change the order of import and export of cultural property. The bills were designed to encourage the development of Russian art market and create non-state museums of contemporary art. The document caused a great resonance among deputies, and the representatives of the sphere of collecting.

this and some other laws (act on the patrons, legal aspects of collecting) decided to discuss the participants of the Russian forum of collectors. They have set a very specific goal: to create working groups which will examine all the proposals made at the meeting, choose one of the most common and interesting, will be based on them, legislative amendments and submit to the State Duma for consideration.

With an eye on future

the Idea of unification emerged after the exhibition “Old paper”, which was held in the CHA a year ago and was dedicated to collectibles made of paper — labels, postcards and more. The organizers decided to expand the number of invited collections to 50.

Collectors were very impressed by the fact that the professional community was so extensive. According to the President of the Russian Union of artists Andrey Kovalchuk, the exact figure is very difficult to call: a few million people in Russia, something collect, from stamps, postcards, badges, and ending with furniture, appliances and even cars.

“We know the names, who made a great contribution to the development of Russian and world culture. But there are collectors who just love it and live it,” he said at the meeting of the forum in CHA.

Kovalchuk said that collecting helps not only to preserve the history and cultural heritage of Russia, but also the development of future art as contemporary works after some time will become valuable Antiques.

“collecting is something that needs our culture. The development of culture without today’s collectors can’t be, because it is the experience of the previous generations. Museums across the country largely created by private collections of Russian patrons. The role of the state is to help people who are willing to invest their assets, knowledge and love of art in the preservation of the cultural heritage of our country,” he concluded.

Chairman of the Board of Association forum of Russian collectors Arsen Melitonyan said that the organization consists of several leading associations: the Association of collectors of Russia, the Union of philatelists, deltiologists Union, the Moscow Club of collectors, and there are about 70 areas of collecting. “By creating this Association, we have opened the doors for all structures,” he explained.

According to Melitonyan, the Association will deal with the interaction of public and private entities, will work on issues of public recognition of collectibles, because people often misunderstood the important role played by this sector and also to achieve recognition of the role of collectibles in scientific and educational processes. Of course, the range of problems and ways of their solutions is as big as the professional community for the first time agreed to discuss them together.

a Professional holiday

Collectors decided to combine the pleasant with the useful: the efforts of the professional community CHA for five days has turned into the incredible size of the Museum, made up of a number of private collections, around which is a few hours seems a daunting task.

On the ground floor and in the lobby of CHA is a massive installation artist Andrey Bartenev and exhibition of vintage cars. The second floor is given over to paintings. There is collection of the International Confederation of unions of artists “legacy of the Union”, dedicated to the artists of the second half of the twentieth century; the collection collector Igor Markin Museum of АРТ4 called “Three: Mikhail Roginsky, Boris Turkish and Yuri Zlotnikov” — the works of these artists first exhibited together, and on the idea of the curator, engage in a dialogue. In a separate small room you will find a collection of naive art Tarabarova; and a Year of Russian cinema is marked by the collection of Alexander Dobrovinsky, who became interested in collecting movie posters.

Traveling through the halls, you can reach the art of our contemporaries, who can usually be found in the collection of the project “Start” Fund “Winzavod”. Young artists reflect on the theme of the world, technologies of interaction between nature and the industrial urban landscape.

Incredibly noisy and vanity the third floor is devoted to collectors of everything: here you will find stamps, postcards, badges, typewriters, dolls, and more. The exhibition share a space with a flea market: everyone can purchase items for his collection, exchange valuable specimens.

Other halls occupied by the exhibition of the Gallery of classical photography in Moscow. Three ages”, which covers the time period from 1860-ies and our time is dedicated to the life of Moscow and its inhabitants; exhibition invitation tickets and badges; collection of Dmitry Suetin “Diplomas and creditable sheets from the collection of Imperial Russia”; exhibition of costumes and other displays. In addition, the third floor contains a lecture hall, where throughout the forum experts will lecture for all comers.

Professional community decided to make the opening day of the first Congress of the Russian forum of collectors of the present day: the head of the organization Arsen Melitonyan suggested to be September 21, the day of the collector. Plans to make a forum an annual event to continue to acquaint guests and participants themselves with different collections. The forum will last till September 25.


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