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In the Russian rolling out “Ben-Hur” Bekmambetov – RIA Novosti


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MOSCOW, September 7 – RIA Novosti The American film “Ben-Hur,” director Timur Bekmambetov out in the domestic box office on Thursday.. The US release film was released on August 19 earned for the first weekend, more than 11 million dollars with a budget of 100 million. About the filming of and confidence in the material RIA Novosti news agency spoke with the director a month before the release of pictures in the world hire.

The famous film by William Weyler “Ben-Hur” 1959, filmed on the eponymous bestseller by Lew Wallace, received 11 “Oscars” and entered the history of world cinema. According Bekmambetov, offer studios Paramount Pictures and MGM to make a new adaptation initially he did not like.

“I immediately thought,” Bad idea. You will not compete with the film, and the myth, “Myth is impossible to win.” – He told RIA Novosti Bekmambetov. He noted that about a cult film Weyler knows today about 50% of the audience of those who go to the cinema and watched it 10%, so that “their distinct views” may amount to only a few, “the director said.

According Bekmambetov, he agreed after reading the script, “the Oscar-winning” John Ridley – screenplay author of “12 years a Slave” – ​​because it was a rare opportunity – to withdraw expensive spectacular movie in which there is a sense that tells people that they really care about.

“script Ridley closer to the literary source. This film, like the book – is not about revenge, but about forgiveness, about the fact that the most difficult thing in life – learn to forgive. This is a story about the birth of the faith “, -. Told the agency

The role of Ben Hur played the young British actor Jack Huston, who could be the next performer the role of James Bond

.” Houston – a wonderful actor he played a personal development – from a young spoiled Jewish aristocrat, mama’s son – to a man devoted best friend, the last test and unimaginable finder the strength to overcome sizzling revenge. And forgive the offender, “-. Bekmambetov said he noted that the first-magnitude star in the film is not involved, except award winner” Oscar “Morgan Freeman, as the producers’ had such confidence in the material, which could make a film without relying “.

” in the “crutches” in the form of celebrity star of the film is its very name, “- said Bekmambetov

in spite of the confidence in the material, the film, which was released in US theaters on August 19 brought together for the first uik-. End a little over 11 million dollars with a budget of 100 million, taking the fifth place in the ranking. in the first place, “Ben-Hur” was released in Mexico and the second is in Brazil.

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