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It does not become Paul Chomsky – Moskovsky Komsomolets

He went to 92-year life

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He died theater director Paul Chomsky. He went 92-th year. It would seem that in this age of the care is perceived naturally: he worked, planted a tree, build a house, a child brought up. However, in the case of Pavel Osipovich this formula is true though, but his death is still unexpected; He – very stable in everything: character, communication, work. Its stability cheating, promising eternity. But this is not the case.

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Photo: Natalia Muschinkin

Chomsky in the theatrical life of the country – an amazing phenomenon. Always impression quietest person, the artist, who does not know that such a conversation in a raised voice. More silent than he says. But if you look back at his life …

He started actor, became a director, first in Riga Youth Theatre, then – in Moscow, radically changing the attitude of the public to children’s theater. His play “My brother plays the clarinet” in the middle of the last century became a sensation. President of the Chekhov Festival Valery Shadrin says that people came to the play shocked and enlightened. And then there were many performances …

In Theater. Moscow City Council, he worked for more than 40 years, 30 of which had been the main director. But before I tell you about his work -. One case of his youth, a very indicative of the character of Paul Osipovich

He told me how their 17-year-old boys, when the war began, was taken to Smolensk to dig trenches. The boys began digging, digging but somehow more talking, because it was not around any particular risk. And Paul Chomsky dug in good faith, because otherwise could not. I dug in full growth – and suddenly from the ground up tanks and went straight to the kids. He survived only one (a matter of units!), Who hid at the bottom of the trench full. And the rest … Track enemy tanks wound on young, healthy body. A terrible story, but he did remember for a lifetime.

The older brother he was a director and the theater without Pavel Osipovich his life could not imagine. After the war he entered the opera and drama studio at the theater of Stanislavsky, well beyond – Riga, Moscow, Theatre for Young People, Theatre. Moscow City Council. His name is firmly linked to the rock musical “Jesus Christ – Superstar”: it is quiet, not scandalous, not radical Chomsky was the first who carried this world hit on the Russian scene. “Jesus …” 26 years is in the Moscow Soviet poster number one.

In addition to performances, intelligent way combining tradition and innovation, Paul Chomsky left a memory of a decent man. A man who was not involved, did not sign, do not fuss. I lived in good conscience. Not noisy, not for show, but with a sense of dignity, which is nothing to mess with. Neither rhetoric nor the conjuncture or speculation on the topic of the day, nor the proximity to the powerful of this world – all this foam it did not seem concerned, because it just was not in his system of values ​​

He was 92-. th year, but everyone who met Paul Osipovich in the theater, said quietly: “He is like frozen. So it was 70 and 80 ‘. The secret of longevity (physical and creative) will remain secret. He did and worked until recently – was ill in recent months and could not go to the theater. However, building plans, including the staging of “The Threepenny Opera” by Brecht in the work of the new season. And in the theater, where the troupe gathering is scheduled for September 14, even thought who will announce plans on its behalf. Nobody admitted the thought of leaving artistic director, despite his illness. Nevertheless, the troupe will have a hard time right now: who will replace Paul Chomsky? What will be the direction of the theater after him? Questions not voiced, not by the time they are now, when it is the mountain of the house. It remains to hope that the house, which has a strong tradition, it is saved, will remain.

As we reported in the management of the theater, a funeral and a farewell to Paul Chomsky held on Friday, 9 September.


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