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Konchalovsky said that his inspiration to create the film “Paradise” – RIA Novosti


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Rome, September 8 -. RIA Novosti, Natalia Shmakov Russian director Andrei Konchalovsky, whose work “Paradise” is included in the competition program of the 73rd Venice Film Festival, said that when creating a picture he was interested not so much a theme the Holocaust, as the nature of evil

The historical drama “Paradise” is a joint statement of Russia and Germany, and tells the story of people whose lives intersect during the second world war. Russian emigrant Olga, member of the French Resistance movement, frantsuza- collaborator Jules and German Helmut, a high-ranking SS officer. The film takes place mostly in a German concentration camp.

The picture starring roles in which performed Julia Vysotsky, German actor Christian Claus and Frenchman Philippe Duquesne, will be presented to the public in Venice on Thursday night.

“The Holocaust is so trivialized that it is now 200 very thin people of Jewish appearance in the striped pajamas very often look like in Verdi’s” Nabucco. “so all this has become commonplace, especially if it is to shoot in color. Just because that trivialized the topic, not the essence of why I wanted to make a film not about the Holocaust, I was interested in the nature of evil “-. said Konchalovsky at a press conference in Venice, broadcast which was carried out on the official website of the film festival

According to. director, is the eternal theme of evil, because “evil is happening every day, in every age, and most people who are doing this very often think that they are doing good.” “You can remember Savonarola, Joan of Arc, you can remember the Second World War, the bombing of Libya and the bombing of Iraq or Serbia And always these evil acts were covered by some very high topics -. Democracy, human rights, freedom, and people who have it. evil wrought, are convinced that they are doing a very good job Hence the phrase, “Have mercy on them, Lord, they know not what they do.” – it is eternal “, -. director add

Konchalovsky said that in his painting it addresses important issues, which “is very difficult to relate to.” “My main task – to feel the horror that the person does not feel, knowing that he was right this terrible deception pushes so many people to ensure that they did evil, because they firmly believe that they are doing good.” – He concluded .


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