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Media learned that the “Eurovision-2017″ can be transferred from Ukraine to Russia – RIA Novosti


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MOSCOW, September 8 -. RIA Novosti Russia may get the right to host the “Eurovision-2017″, if Ukraine will not be able to October to decide on organizational matters, the newspaper “Izvestia”

In the European. broadcasting Union (EBU) said that Kiev should in the near future to determine the place of the competition and the sources of funding for the event. If Ukrainian authorities will not be able to give clear answers, “Eurovision” may give another country.

“winner status deprive them no one can. However, with regard to timing, the decision should have been taken much earlier. We are closely watching how the three cities stubbornly fighting for the right to contest, but do not know when will be announced officially on the final outcome deadline -. no later than early October. “, – told” Izvestia “, the press service of EMU

between Australia and Russia

According to the rules of the EMU, the nominal owner of “Eurovision-2017″ should be Australia, which has won the 2016 runner-up. However, competition can not go outside Europe. And here the chances of getting Russia, which in the “Eurovision-2016″ was the third.

The EBU said that if Ukraine will be deprived of the right to host the “Eurovision-2017″, Australia and Russia will be the co-organizers of the competition.

The problems of Ukraine

Ukraine won the right to hold “Eurovision-2017″ after the singer Jamala victory in Stockholm. After that, the winner at home began to argue which city can host the contest.

After the qualifying round in the finals three cities: Kiev, Dnipro (Dnipropetrovsk former) and Odessa. Since then, a final press conference at which he had to declare the capital of the contest, was postponed several times due to “financial problems”.

“Eurovision” has already held in the Ukraine in 2005. Then the competition was held at the Sports Palace in Kiev and was accompanied by numerous scandals – the organizers for a long time could not decide on the venue, and later they were accused of embezzlement of budget funds



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