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Monument to the writer Sergei Dovlatov opened in St. Petersburg – RIA Novosti


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PETERSBURG, September 4 -. RIA Novosti The sculptural composition dedicated to the memory of writer Sergey Dovlatov, opened on Sunday in St. Petersburg, according to the unit vice-governor of the city Igor Albin

<. p> Third September 2016 Dovlatov would have turned 75 years old. Fans of his work have decided to establish a “Society Dovlatova lovers” and prepared a festival of “D-Day”, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the writer’s birth. It took place at various venues in St. Petersburg from 2 to 4 September. In the program -. Round tables, meetings with friends Dovlatova, photo exhibitions, tours, shows, quests

“At a ceremony in the house 23 on the street Rubenstein, where the writer lived in common of 34 years old, gathered a large number of the writer’s art fans, representatives of the St. Petersburg city administration, the initiators of the project, came the widow Elena and daughter Catherine Dovlatov “, – stated in the

Memorial composition in the form of a bronze Sergei Dovlatov tall figure. 2.2 meters, standing in the open doorway, we decided to install the sidewalk in front of the building along the street Rubinstein, 23, on the left side is a plaque

“on this day in Petersburg native was posted in 2007 -. Leningrad returns one of the most popular writers of the Soviet Union, today’s Russia. As he said, Sergei Dovlatov, nationality of the writer defines the language in which he writes. Those people who are surrounded by Sergei Donatovich still admired by all fans of Russian Soviet literature: it Joseph Brodsky, and Yevgeny Rein. Many generations of readers remember this wonderful time in Soviet literature. True courage in understanding Sergei Donatovich is to love life, knowing all about it, “- said Albin at the opening of the sculpture

The initiators, author of the project and government officials expect that some -That will be tested during the composition of the public related to its appearance and its location in the future will be clarified.

Dovlatov was born on September 3, 1941 in Ufa. From 1944 to exile in 1978 he lived primarily in Leningrad. in 1980, in New York Dovlatov became one of the founders of the “New American” Russian weekly newspaper. in 12 years of living in exile, he has published 12 books which have been translated into most European languages ​​as well as Japanese and Chinese. The most famous works of the writer were “area”, “suitcase”, “Reserve” and “compromise.” Dovlatov died on August 24, 1990 in New York of heart failure.


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