Thursday, September 22, 2016

On 79-m to year of life has died the trainer Mstislav Zapashny – Газета.Ru

the Farewell ceremony will be held in the Circus on Vernadsky Prospekt, presumably, on Monday, September 26. He will be buried on the Domodedovsky cemetery. The Agency said Iosif Kobzon, who for many years was friends with Zapashny.

“Mstislav Mikhailovich is buried on the Domodedovsky cemetery — he wanted next to her mother,” — said Kobzon.

Mstislav Zapashny was born in 1938. He belonged to the second generation of circus dynasty, begun by his father, wrestler and acrobat Mikhail Zapashny,; the members of the dynasty preferred to pursue its history from the clown Charles Thomson, Mstislav grandfather’s mother, who came to the arena in the 80-ies of the XIX century.

Glorified the same actress throughout the Soviet Union — and perhaps the world — that the generation to which he belonged Mstislav.

In 1940-e years it together with his older brother Walter first came to the arena — then it was seven years. In 1946 Mstislav and Walter officially become a circus, a year later, they had to defend a number of “Young acrobats” before the Commission from the circus cupola. Defended. After brother Mstislav (Walter older than 10 years) went into the army, becoming in time of peace “son of the regiment”, and after returning to their duet was joined by the rest of the brethren.

Worldwide recognition they received in 1957, during the Moscow festival of youth and students

their room “Acrobats-voltiger” were awarded gold medals. Well, the brothers were the real stars of the Soviet circus in which I have to say, then stars were a lot — in those same years, worked actively Irina Bugrimova, Yuri Nikulin, Mikhail Shuydin and Oleg Popov, Pencil, dynasty Durovs, Kantemirovs, began his career as a young tiger tamer Margarita Nazarova.

For 60 years the brothers zapashnye have started to master the training, really don’t forget about acrobatics;

in 1964, they created room “Acrobats-voltiger on horses.” But it was working with the predators became their calling card — in the 70s they invented an attraction “Elephants and tigers”, where he brought together these different animals; for the room they received the national award of the Russian Federation — after he passed with success all over the world.

“Tiger is born with the primary reflexes: to hunt, kill, eat, sleep. I proved that the tiger thinks,” he told Mstislav Zapashny in an interview.

Mstislav Zapashny was the Director of many circus performances, he has long led, Sochi circus, zero called him to restore the former glory of Rosgostsirka, he has many state awards and prizes of circus festivals, and his farewell tour as an artist was held successfully in Russia, Europe and Asia.

“Circus is not just for kids, it is for everyone. It is pure art, here under the plywood will not sing. In a cage it is necessary not only to enter more and more of it desirable” — so the artist has formulated its position and its attitude to what you’ve done with my life.


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