Monday, September 5, 2016

On TNT starts the series “Olga” with Jana Troyan – BBC

manicurist Olga Terentyev dreams upcoming trip to Turkey, but the coveted vacation constantly under threat. Daughter whether really flown by a classmate, or pretends to for economic reasons. Son (another Pope) is trying to prevail upon classmates show boobs in return for mandarins. Sister of Olga jumps between the men and asks for help to understand, and dad-fizruk strong drinks.

Finally, at the door the whole time sitting courageous driver of “Ritual”, in love . strong and independent heroine

TNT shock starts to the new season – in the series “Olga” perfect advertising campaign with the slogan “Look at me,” and the best possible performer of the title role. Jan Troyanova (here usually write ‘the wife and muse of Basil Sigareva “, write us) – the star of last year’s” Oz “absolutely outstanding actress, for which” Olga “- the first in the career of walking on the TV, exit to the maximum coverage of the audience. The first audience is already promise Troyan wave of people’s love, which can envy and Dmitry Nagiyev, and it really is quite likely scenario.

Speaking of Nagiyev. “Olga,” even before the screens dubbed the female version of “gym teacher”, and it is really interesting and very revealing formulation. Fearless experiments channel in the new territories (conditionally, of the “Law of stone jungle” to “Change”) at the moment crowned with the greatest success in the territory of the adult sitcom.

In the “fizruk the combination of that for the first time, perhaps, appeared in “Shirley Myrli” Vladimir Menshov and since then seemed unplayable

“Olga” – demonstrate rare for Russian cinema professional, systematic approach. The channel shows that it is not ready to settle for single hits Duty type referred to in such cases, the “liquidation” and “Thaw”. “Olga” The script is written with a firm hand, it is clear that the authors understand clearly what they want to achieve, and this was successfully achieved. There is a scathing phrases about the booze and “borzometr” has witty gags, there are episodes of diving to the bottom of the city – with a covering “small business” by riot police and a guided tour in located in one of the panel of high-rise brothel. In addition, every time from chernushny hopelessness “Olga” comes up with the same optimism – our life is, of course, is not easy, but the people are good, although a little ridiculous

The only thing. all this can be confusing – just feeling constructedness, proschitannosti, which, in theory, there should not be in the “national” film

it is thought “Fizruk” avoided artificiality due filigree casting. – this applies not only to Nagiyev, and actor Vladimir Sychev, and all others, including children. “Olga” is drawn on itself one Troyanova, which, however, are satisfied then a benefit of this level, which is exactly deserves to be seen. All the more so confident the film’s producers apparently left himself room for a long acceleration – shooting “Olga,” the second season going now!



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