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Show “the Voice” season 5. The fourth “blind auditions” – Media-news portal

on Friday, September 23, in the air “First channel” has held the fourth “blind auditions” in the show “the Voice-5″: this is the fourth issue in a row the coaches are trying to find among the applicants the best of the voice of Russia. Some mentors have a lot of participants, but there are those who are not yet in a hurry to turn to the contestants, waiting for the main stage of Russia’s most talented performers.

Revision 24СМИ found out what the viewers remember the 4 edition of the show “5″.

Show “the Voice” season 5 release 4: command Gagarina

Polina Gagarina at the “blind auditions” this time drew attention to the 31-year-old performer Louise Imangulova, which came to the project from the village Sukienka (Samara oblast). She performed the folk song “on verses by Alexander, Serdechko”, playing the harp: Polina Gagarina to the last enjoyed the song, but at some point, still turned to his future ward.

Show “the Voice-5: team of Dima Bilan

New member within the 4th edition of the show “the Voice 5″ in the team Dima Bilan became incredibly glamorous woman — 27-year-old Polina Kuzovkova. As a participant confessed that she was for the life of a nomad: born in Bryansk, adult life spent in St. Petersburg, but recently traveled to China and Thailand. Performing the song “Remain” Polina Gagarin conquered and Bilan, but to continue the journey on “the Voice 5″ decided in the team of Dmitry.

Show “the Voice” season 5 release 4: command Agutin

Changes in the team of Leonid Agutin happened with the first performance in the “blind auditions”: arrived at “5″ the members of the Timur and Denis hagba performed the song “We’re in This Love Together” is so soulful that it turned from three monitors. However, the 35-year-old and 29-year-old participants decided to continue their journey on “the Voice” show-5″ under the tutelage of Agutin.

Also in the team yesterday was and the 31-year-old Kairat Primordial, who came to the project from Bishkek (Kyrgyzstan). The party managed to subdue the mentors from the first notes of the song “It’s a Man’s Man’s Man’s World”, however, until the last chord to Kairat them turn around did not dare. However, at the end of the song and Polina Gagarin and Leonid Agutin could not resist but to continue the journey on “the Voice 5″ Kairat will be under the leadership of Leonid Agutin, which admitted the party, since childhood remained the idol of the Kairat.

Also in the team yesterday was a famous musician from Barnaul — 43-year-old Vadim Kapustin. The man has performed on the stage of “Voices 5″ the song “All of me”, listening to which Polina Gagarina admitted that she has “huge goosebumps”. However, the way this contest Vadim decided to continue under the care of yesterday, because “the team Gagarina would not be able to think about music.”

Show “the Voice-5: team of Grigory Leps

filled with new participants and a team of Grigory Leps: the first part of the last release of the lucky one was the 19-year-old Muscovite Eugene Vamadeva. The girl admitted that she engaged in music almost from childhood, and she participated in the beauty contest “Miss Russia”, where she managed to reach the final. Despite the success in the fashion industry, Eugene decided to try his hand at the Voice-5″ — with the song “You’re just a dream” she was in command of the Leps.

the Following command Leps joined the famous Russian singer of Ukrainian origin is a 32-year-old native of Zaporozhye Aleksandr Panayotov coped brilliantly with the “blind auditions”, it turned absolutely all the participants. After a long struggle mentors for this, of course, a talented artist Sasha still made a choice in favor of the Leps.

Grigory Leps within the 4th edition of the show “the Voice 5″ it was carrying on the unusual members — it joined the 32-year-old Vasily Urawski from Saratov, which the song “Make it rain” ignited the audience. Mentors while listening to long fantasizing on the subject of who sings this Groovy song, but Leps in the end decided to catch the talented and charismatic participant in my team.


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