Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The Internet Ombudsman called delusions of communication of the decision of the FSB to decipher the web – Sight

Member of expert Council of strategic initiatives Agency under the government of Russia, Internet Ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev was called to discredit the government appeared in the media information about the intention of the FSB to decrypt all Internet traffic in Russia.

“the Main thing is not the technical difficulties in the first place is wrong. To even discuss such things and throw them is just to discredit the government as such, but also to question the use of the Internet in everyday use. Most professionals in addition to how delusional these ideas to be called will not,” said Marinichev comments, “Reedus”.

He stressed that the initiative for the decryption of traffic law-abiding citizens questioned the legality of the work of the security services, as well as people’s trust in high technology.

“you Need to be aware that the mechanism that is being discussed and proposed, to date, is illegal. This is pure hacking. Interception of private messages and private information is akin to the seizure of private property. Third parties have control over all the transactions that you carry out. In other words, managing your Bank account, your property may exercise the third party. For me it is not clear how this can be done within the framework of constitutional rights of citizens,” said Marinichev.

the Internet Ombudsman also drew attention to the technical difficulties associated with the implementation of the total decryption. “For me, it sounds utopian. Personally, I’m not familiar with information systems or technology, capable of on-the-fly to decrypt all traffic that passes over the Internet. Of course, you can break it that people created, but for this it is necessary to have enormous computing power. It is not only Finance but also human resources. If you monitor all traffic, then, roughly speaking, half of the country should be put to monitor and observe what’s going on in computers and smartphones all other Russians,” – said Marinichev.

According to him, law enforcement agencies should have operational capabilities, but only against criminals and suspects, not randomly chosen citizen. “The line must be complied with mandatory. Of course, intelligence needs to be resources and opportunities for obtaining all the information about the subject, which conducted operational-search activities, but that doesn’t mean it should get all the citizens of the Russian Federation in violation of their constitutional rights. It should be different”, – concluded Dmitry Marinichev.

we will Remind, according to sources of the newspaper “Kommersant”, the FSB and other governmental agencies to ostensibly discuss a set of technical solutions that allow to decrypt all Internet traffic of the Russians and in real time to carry out his analysis by keywords.


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