Saturday, September 24, 2016

The lawyer questioned the criminal case because of the exhibition “Without embarrassment” –

a Criminal case because of the exhibition “Jock Sturges. Without embarrassment” is unlikely to be initiated. On Saturday, September 24, told RIA news lawyer Dmitry Agranovsky.

“the criminal case about this unlikely, yet it is a well known photographer, his work has been a lot of books, had many exhibitions. The organizers of the Moscow exhibition certainly secured the papers from specialists that the photos are art, not pornography,” — said the lawyer.

He also noted that not all nudity regardless of age and sex, is pornography, but to raise the question of decency or cultural events offered for the public display of works entitled to any citizen. In this case, you should conduct a comprehensive examination with the participation of art historians, sexologists and psychologists. The decision on the beginning of criminal proceedings or refusal should be taken on the basis of expert opinions.

the Head of the security Commission of the Public chamber of Russia Anton Tsvetkov said that insisting on the closure of the exhibition. “I instructed the Centre of crime prevention tomorrow to arrive by the beginning of the exhibition and to take measures to its closure in conjunction with law enforcement agencies”, — he said. Flowers later said that he had received from the management of the exhibition the assurance that there are no pictures, because of which the work of Sturges under attack. Flowers intends on Sunday to personally visit the exhibition and see images.

24 Sep Ombudsman for children under the President of the Russian Federation Anna Kuznetsova said about the necessity of the Prosecutor’s check of the exhibition “Jock Sturges. Without embarrassment”. “Just creepy that the exhibition the author, whose work has been recognized by Roskomnadzor “child pornography” may have a place in the cultural life of our capital,” she said.

Earlier in the day a member of the Council of Federation Elena Mizulina said that the show is propaganda of pedophilia and it must be addressed urgently.

Director, Center of photography behalf of the Lumiere brothers Natalia Grigorieva, in turn, stressed that the exhibition “no child pornography” and that “the photo that was posted today in LJ are irrelevant to the exhibition.

curator of the Center photos behalf of the Lumiere brothers Natalia Litvinskaya has promised that, despite the organizers received threats, on Sunday, September 25, the exhibition will re-open.

the Exhibition “Jock Sturges. Without embarrassment” was opened in the Moscow Center of photography behalf of the Lumiere brothers on 8 September. Part Nudes — Nude girls. According to the author, his works represent an image of female nature in puberty. Characters other photographs — visitors to nudist beaches. All were brought to Moscow about 40 works.


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