Monday, September 26, 2016

The only interview with Sturges about the scandal in Moscow: a Problem in their heads, not mine – REN TV

Today, the center of the photograph, which showed the work of Jock Sturges is an official holiday, but tomorrow the exhibition hall should be open. Apparently, up to this point just clean exposition “Without embarrassment” in order to embarrass the Russian audience. Before these staff will have to scrub the walls of the urine, which the activists tried to splash images of American photographer. Particularly unstable had to withdraw under arms. And all because of the pictures. Jock Sturges specializiruetsya in pictures in the Nude, with special attention to attract children. He does not see anything wrong. Broadcaster REN TV became the only Russian media, which Sturgis gave an interview.

You decided to come to Moscow, or You invite?

invited Me. Gallery and Museum of the lumière brothers. They received permission from the Ministry of culture, I got the visa, we agreed on which photos will be exhibited, so that the Russian government was aware about who I was – everything was OK.

for some photos or what ever happened with this scandal?

- because Of the whole exhibition. All of the photos have been shared context. I take pictures where people spend their lives in contact with nature. And it’s interesting. And these pictures of the models and was perceived as provocative.

Who are your models as You are looking for and what you expect from them?

- actually I don’t choose their models. I take photos of people that naturally live their lives, neighbors, friends, those who live together for a long time. I removed the 20 or 25 families. Some families I’ve been photographing for forty years. Many times I was taking pictures of children, then they are the same, but has grown and with their children, and so on. My job is to show the entire circle of life. Not to say that I shoot only teenagers, I photograph people of all ages.

When you shoot, You aim to make it an erotic picture, or shoot a reality?

the Irony is that the erotic context in my works has never been. But some people find erotic, but the problem in their heads, not mine. My photos just truthful. My pictures is the opposite of the genre pin-up. Pin-up photographs that invite to touch the body – caused thoughts like “Oh, I’d love to touch it!” And I urge you to think about the personality of the hero image. My photos are dedicated to the identity evolution of identity. I photograph the same people year after year, for many years, photographing second and third generations. You need to understand that parents are asking me to remove their children and do not see anything bad – and it inspires most in life.

Judging by the photo, it is unclear when they were made – historical framework can be determined. No fashion, jewelry, anything – only people. And man, as is shown in all his nature, as created nature. To call it pornography – it’s the same as naming children vicious nature, and therefore all people. I refuse to accept it.

- How did You react to the fact that the exhibition was closed?

- to be Honest, I was amazed. My work is represented in many major museums around the world. In the Museum of modern art in new York, in the Subway in new York – the 2 most important museums in the United States, in the museums of Berlin. In General my work has been recognized widely around the world. I have put hundreds and hundreds of times, and never had anything like that happen. So I am very disappointed and surprised.

I was under the impression that the Russian love art. In Russia a huge number of educated people who are not indifferent to art. Russian culture is very rich and diverse. So I was very amazed at what happened.

did You expect that to happen?

I Have not had the slightest suspicion. I was in Russia 40 years ago. Moscow, whom I met recently at the opening of the exhibition delighted me. It’s alive, full of energy, modern city. With such beautiful architecture and an emphasis on aesthetics. It was unexpected, and made an impression on me. But I would not do the exhibition in Moscow, if I knew that there could be the same. It is very unpleasant.

I speak a little Russian. I was very glad of the opportunity to use your skills. And it was a great trip, I liked Moscow. Had a great time, we lectured, it was a lot of people. And they listened to nearly three and a half hours. Although this is supposed to be about an hour. But we were asked from the audience are such good subjects, interesting. An amazing experience for me. Recent history overshadows these impressions. If we talk about the gallery of Lumiere Brothers, it is one of the best in its kind. It is a private Museum with a huge space where many important exhibitions. Don’t even know where else in the world (except perhaps in new York) everything is so well organized. Moscow is a treasure. Sorry that it happened.

If in Moscow everything will be settled, will you come back? Or you’ll be worrying every time again it will be in Russia?

- This is a difficult question. It seems to me that such actions satisfied the very small number of people with radical views that force close such exhibitions. Some provocateur poured acid or something on the wall, trying to harm the photos. This is not the atmosphere in which I would like to return.

Last question about your work with Angelina Jolie…

It’s been so long, how do know that? (laughs).

What was it like working with her?

- We worked on one film. There were 5 young Actresses. And she was all famous. Can you describe her as a very difficult person. And very beautiful. So beautiful that she or didn’t know what to do with it or could do anything.


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