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The organizers of Sturgis will check the Prosecutor’s office Газета.Ru

exhibition of the works of Sturges “Without embarrassment” was opened on 8 September. Jock Sturges is an American photographer specializing in shooting Nudes. He is the author of the series made on the nudist beaches of California, France, Ireland. The photographer not only exhibits his work worldwide, but produces their albums. He says nudity is interested in it not in itself, but as a reflection of a certain psychology inherent in the people, not experiencing feelings of unease. In this sense, Sturges was interested in Nude Teens.

But at the Moscow exhibition of any images of teenagers was not all Nude there was made with professional adult models.

However, on Saturday, September 24, in social networks there were messages about the fact that this exhibition features photographs of Nude children. Requests to the Prosecutor with a request to check the exposure “Without embarrassment” has sent Senator Elena Mizulina and children’s Ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova.

“Just creepy that the exhibition the author, whose work has been recognized by Roskomnadzor “child pornography” may take place in the cultural life of our capital. At the moment, about the exhibition in the Center of photography Lumiere brothers presents “Jock Sturges. Without embarrassment” held talks with prosecutors about the necessity of the organization of public Prosecutor’s check. Now we’re waiting for concrete steps”, — quotes RIA Novosti” the words of Kuznetsova.

the avalanche of negative comments, the exhibition organizers decided to close the gallery early on Saturday. Witnesses said that this greatly upset the odious activist Dmitry Enteo, who planned on Saturday evening to visit in the Center of the photograph.

to Open the exhibition was a Sunday afternoon, when there was planning to come Chairman of the movement “Officers of Russia” Anton Tsvetkov.

“I’m a man of democratic views, definitely not a prude, and like contemporary art, though maybe not very versed in it. But yesterday I got a huge number of appeals and complaints, sent to me absolutely horrifying pictures of Sturgis. He was involved in the United stated and never concealed that photographs of naked children,” says Flowers “Газете.Ru”.

the responsibility of the photographer is still not involved, it diligently pursued the head of the American Evangelical Church is known, to put it mildly, conservative views. There have been attempts to have criminal proceedings against him, but to no avail.

Flowers got in touch with the leaders of Center of the photo, and agreed to look at pictures of myself before to do loud statements. “I have notified law enforcement authorities and the Prefecture of the CAO. Any public resonance event can serve as a basis for verification”, he added.

Around noon at the center, which is on the territory of “red October”, gathered up to 15 people representing the youth wing of the “Officers of Russia”, and another few people in camouflage uniforms, like a Riot, with stripes of the Center for the prevention of the offence. They stood in a human chain in front of the closed doors. Flowers briefly disappeared inside the building, and after I came, stated that 15% (total exposed 35 photos) “raise questions” and personally do not like him.

“the Horrific pictures that I sent yesterday, the exhibition really was not. But 15% is, in my opinion, provocative pedophile” — he said “Газете.Ru”.

Note that this exhibition made specifically for the gallery lumière, which is why there was the most innocent footage.

with regard to cordon the building, the Flowers explained that “the prevention of offenses in ways not violate the law”: “Yet will consider the statement to the police, 30 days have elapsed, will send a formal reply, and the offense continues to be perpetrated. This is how we lined up in a human chain demanded the closure of illegal fruit and vegetable base recently.”

Gathered at the entrance to the gallery, the townspeople began to shout “Shame”. Inside began to run journalists, apparently, that they were convinced in the vicious nature of the exhibited works. According to the organizers, there isn’t anything illegal.

“But we live in Russia, where in addition to laws, there is also public opinion.

We do not want to excite public opinion, therefore, decided to close the exhibition”, — they said at an impromptu briefing.

the exhibition also broke a municipal Deputy, who began to demand to destroy the four photos that personally he does not like. His assistant, according to some activist Serb (movement, in particular, regularly destroys an informal memorial at the scene of the murder of Boris Nemtsov), also got inside. He grabbed liter plastic bottle with yellow fluid (as it turned out, it was urine), and began to pour out of her all present and exhibits.

“the freak poured over pictures of smelly liquid, and now in the hall, it is absolutely impossible to bleach this stuff takes. Monster twisted and brought strong children involved in delinquency prevention, but now we smell like stink ten elders”, writes on Facebook
Olga Grigorieva.

“my First thought was that it is generally the gasoline that he wants to fire all journalists,” says Flowers.

the Man twisted, we insist on bringing him to administrative responsibility for disorderly conduct.

Liability can threaten and organizers of the exhibition. Now the police checks, gathering documents and preparing to send them to the Prosecutor’s office says Flowers. The photos, including the controversial, likely to remain for safekeeping at the heads of the center. The amount of damage that would be incurred by the organizers due to its cancellation, is still unknown. Flowers believes that the exhibition would involve additional, more expensive “for protection from crazy town”. In addition, the gallery hosts other exhibitions Sturges takes a maximum of 20% of the space, so visitors will still find something to see, and will pay for the entrance, added Flowers.


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