Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The series “Thin ice”: the second series – Polical – exclusive news

On the First channel started showing the series “Thin ice,” in which the main role was played by the actress Ekaterina Guseva. The first minute of a new project forces the viewer to plunge into an unusual story line.

the Main heroine of the series is the wife of Igor Palagina, a very reputable and wealthy businessman. Irina never imagine or what is not denied, living in a large mansion with her husband and two children. However, the true happiness she can find. A woman mostly suffers from the fact that he feels hostage to the circumstances.

In turn, Palagin is a very tough and powerful man. Those qualities affects not only his colleagues but also the people closest to me including family. All the decisions that in one way or another affect the family difficulties, takes the head of the family. It so happened that no one to contradict him. It is noteworthy that Palagin always demanding and constantly dissatisfied with something. Of course, in such circumstances, Irina can’t feel happy.

Everything changes at that moment when the heroine meets Guseva Andrey Gavryushin is an avid romantic and an optimist. We can say that between them can sometimes be love at first sight. But Irina, a married woman, while Andrew has the bride.

on the Eve of the First came the second series of the TV series “Thin ice,” in which a new force to spin the event associated with a love triangle. Palagin, in particular, learns about his wife’s infidelity and develops a plan for her return to the family. In this situation not to be envied Gavryushina who has to go through the trials, staged by Palagina.


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