Wednesday, September 21, 2016

The truth about divorce: new details of the breakup of Jolie and pitt – RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, 21 sen — RIA Novosti, Anastasia Melnikova. Why does everyone care so much? Well, not all, but many. The news about the divorce of Angelina Jolie and Brad pitt are among the most discussed topics of the week, and not only the tabloids and social networks (where the top was hashtag #brangelina): a global television company filed it as BREAKING NEWS.

first, they are beautiful, the spectators and the press love them: Jolie-pitt for a really long time was considered the most spectacular pair of Hollywood and show business.

They looked perfect in the first joint film “Mr. and Mrs. Smith, both excellent, on top form; on-screen romance sparks so that to believe that this is just acting, was impossible.

But then it was possible to believe in a fairy tale two famous, handsome actor, six children, three of whom — their multimillion-dollar fees, charitable activities, model family.

the Couple was always the center of attention of the press, every day – surrounded by paparazzi. Together overcome any difficulties: depression Angelina, her surgery (due to potential cancer risk), jealousy and fatigue in marriage.

of Course, for them it was interesting to see any pictures of them, collected a huge number of views, and for the newborn daughter Shiloh Nouvel, the couple received a record fee – about $ 10 million (the money went to charity).

New comments about the divorce process