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The truth about Prokofiev from the mouth Keira Knightley – REGNUM

Moscow, September 8, 2016, 07:09 – REGNUM The Russian cinemas begin screenings of the film «Prokofiev: on the way» , captured in a rare genre for the rental of musical documentary. In the director’s chair – Anna Mathison , the creator of the comedy “The Milky Way” and screenwriter second “Christmas trees.” And one of the main protagonists was the Constantine Habensky

In the film. “Prokofiev: during the journey,” the two storylines: the picture at the same time tells the story of the composer’s life and is a video diary XI Easter Festival, in which the Mariinsky Theatre symphony orchestra traveled twelve cities and performed all the symphonies and piano concertos by Prokofiev.

As told to the correspondent IA REGNUM director Anne Mathison, to shoot pictures of the Moscow Easter festival was received an order from the Foundation Valery Gergiev . And since the film was offered to do free-form, I had the idea of ​​the two storylines:

«Sergei Prokofiev was a brilliant pianist and touring musician. He traveled around the city as well as today goes, Valery Gergiev and the other soloists. The same city, the same concert halls, and you will be surprised, but the same problems: domestic, acoustics, emotional exhaustion … His journey to the extent similar to the movement of the Mariinsky Theatre Orchestra, which inadvertently analogy suggests itself, and it is possible to write a script in which there are parallel Prokofiev and Gergiev ».

factual basis of the film became Sergei Prokofiev diaries, which the composer conducted every day from 1907 till 1933. “I begin this post. Perhaps that diary. ” These words – the first line in the diary Prokofiev, dated 3rd September 1907. Since then and for 26 years blog has become an integral part of the composer’s life.

Read the diaries of the text in the picture was invited to the People’s Artist of Russia, actor Keira Knightley.

«Habensky immediately agreed to star that was a big success for our movie. Kostya has great confidence to the audience. And here it is a bridge – a man of the feature film, which helps to perceive the movie musical. He does not play Prokofiev, and read his diaries, reincarnated in a way, that is, transmits a certain type … a better life for reading these lines, it seems to me, could be wished », – commented Anna Mathison

<. p> According to the director, the main goal of the film was the desire to help to hear Prokofiev completely unprepared audience, those who did not graduate from conservatories, and can not understand music:

«We wanted everyone was easy and comfortable to perceive music emotionally. For we are not as important were some biographical facts – when the composer married or divorced … It can be found in Wikipedia. With music, everything is different. For example, what is the latest product of Prokofiev, his Seventh Symphony, which he wrote, having survived several heart attacks? This is one of the most light, beautiful and magical works. This biographical fact? No, not a fact. It’s not even objective truth. But it’s the way we feel this music and what we wanted to convey to the audience ».

The picture includes fragments of symphonies from all five concerts of the composer with soloists Daniel Trifonov, Alexander Toradze, Denis Matsuev , Alexei Volodin, Sergei Babayan. The film also sound works by Shostakovich, Mussorgsky, MACH, Barber, Schubert.

Let’s remind, on the proposal of Russian President Vladimir Putin declared 2016 the Year of Sergei Prokofiev. April 23 birthday of composer celebrated 125 years.

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