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The world celebrates 110 years since the birth of Dmitri Shostakovich – BTRC

26 Sep 2016 21:12

this year the world commemorates the anniversary: on the eve of the marks 110 years since the birth of the great composer Dmitri Shostakovich. But only three years ago it became clear that the roots of the kind Shostakovich on the Belarusian land. For the first time in their ancestral homeland – in the village of Shemetovo Myadel region held a concert in the Church with the participation of students and teachers of the Academy of music.

the Village of Shemetovo was founded in the XV century. To this day preserved a local landmark – the walls of the estate of the skirmunts, built in 70-ies of the XVIII century, a brewery and a smithy beginning of the twentieth century and, of course, the Church of the Mother of God of perpetual Help, where he held a concert dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the world famous composer Dmitry Shostakovich.

Fame – unpredictable. One person with his talent can glorify their family a few centuries back or forward.

the Roots of world-famous composer Dmitri Shostakovich are on the Belarusian land. His great-grandfather, Peter Mikhailovich was born here, in the Belarusian village Shemetovo in the early NINETEENTH century, in 1808.

the Information that the genealogy of Shostakovich passes through these places, found a citizen of France, a native of Belarus, Opera singer and friend of the family Shostakovichs Arkady Volodos.

Arkady Volodos, Chairman of the French Association “Exchange: France – Belarus”: “Name Shostakovich Belarusian. And I looked for her everywhere. It wasn’t easy. In the French Internet, it was believed that he was a pole. When I started to search in Russian, came to Shemetova. I was surprised to see how in different languages different is the information. I spoke with the daughter of Shostakovich in France with the widow of Shostakovich, with all I have talked about this”.

the works of Dmitri Dmitriyevich Shostakovich included in the Golden Fund of the musical art world. His works are performed on different continents and glorify the art of Soviet and Russian school of music. By the way, simultaneously with a concert in Shemetova concert took place in Saint-Petersburg under control of Valery Gergiev, which was attended by the composer’s son Maxim Shostakovich.

For the modern Shemetova this concert is an extraordinary event. The place is historic and worthy to here festivals were held, such as a name of Shostakovich.

Foreign guests, local authorities, teachers and students of the Belarusian Academy of music, the people Shemetova and neighboring villages. The event promises to be traditional, is the preservation of common cultural heritage.

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