Thursday, September 8, 2016

Timur Bekmambetov on the film “Ben Hur” – BBC

– peplum genre today …

– Ash covered, yes

-? Well, yes, the fashion for it has passed, apparently, years fifteen years ago – when the “Gladiator” by Ridley Scott out. Historical cinema today refers to the different periods. And here comes “Ben Hur.” How did it happen? And why you are interested

-? The person who wrote this novel – General Union army, responsible for the many lives lost in a fratricidal civil war in the United States. And when he realized the horror of what he had done, he wrote this book – about how important it is to forgive each other. This is a book written against any radicalism, with a very strong message across. It reveals the full horror of the situation, when to fight each other begin to close people

Today is a very important message -. The world is bursting at the many seams. And the most important thing today – learn to forgive

For example, our fans are in fact able to forgive the English, it is very correct

-.. And what is today’s peplum different from original “Ben Hur”? Then went very rapid development of technology, and the cinema followed them. The zero, too, was such a moment, but for now these intentions, it seems, went on the decline, as people become more interesting explosions

-. You’re wrong. Now a movie like American food – when they give you a plate, and then the mountain just piled and mayonnaise filled. Many films so made. The horror is that talented directors pressured producers need to work on the principle of “the more, the better.” This includes “Batman vs. Superman”, “Transformers” and so on. There are working talented writers, interesting directors, but the studio require all fly, explode, fifty homes fell.

Some, fortunately, understand that this approach is not very works, and then it turns out, for example, “Deadpool” – a wonderful film that laughs at this approach,

-. But nevertheless you took just a very big movie <. / b>

– this is not a question of size, it is a question the meaningfulness of the attraction. “Ben Hur” – this is a great entertainment spectacle that has meaning. That was the film “Gladiator” that you remembered – a fantastically entertaining film that you watch and cry. You leave after another person, you receive some faith … So different can be a message across. “Ben Hur” for me just such an attraction with great content part of the

-. In the film, in 1959 it was not

-? In general, there is no . That film was about the fact that one revenge to another. That is, if you hit me, then I’ll catch up, hit harder and tear off his feet! And everything would be fine ( laugh ). And then another, to treat my mother’s skin problems by means of the Messiah. A book was written about something else entirely. The fact that, killing your enemy, you become happy. In our literature, by the way, this did a lot. Only a forgiving and embracing enemy, you will be able to defeat evil. In the old movie brother fought brother, and we have a hero fighting against evil. In our film, the two brothers are equally lovely, we both love very much

In general, the idea of ​​the need for empathy and inability to happiness without compassion -. Very Russian, very close to our audience .

in this film there is the potential for a larger audience than usual kinohodyaschie is for people who go to the movies for the senses

-. why not make a movie on Russian material? It is not impossible, as you think

-? ( Laughing .) I’m nineties dedicated production of these stories – they were called advertising “Imperial” bank. I am sure that Russia is a movie you must, but the question of the resource here is basic. When we talk about American cinema, we must remember that there directors are not Americans, actors, too, not the Americans – the British, Australians, Swedes, making a movie, too, not in America. And the money is there, too, not American – Chinese, for example, but what you want, they do not have a nationality. American cinema – a cinema, a decision on the production of which was taken in the United States. So for this movie, you need the will and the resources have been filmed in Russia. It must be decided, the money should come here. And then everything will

-. Would you like to stay in here is a great movie

-? Of course I do. I was here more comfortable and pleasant to work with, I here understand people. . I do not mean what they say, but in the sense that they mean

Words fact expressed a very small part of the information, and all the rest – chemistry, which is understandable, only if you grew up in this environment.

I was there physically very difficult to do it all. You’re dealing with a different mentality … Imagine that in Russia came a man from Indonesia withdraw Russian movies, hit the Russian crew – it will be very difficult ( laugh )



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