Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Why pictures Jock Sturges is art? Meets the art historian nrnews.ru

on Saturday, September 24, Senator Elena Mizulina and children’s Ombudsman Anna Kuznetsova demanded to check out on the subject of child pornography exhibition of the photographer Jock Sturges, who was in Moscow Centre behalf of the Lumiere brothers more than two weeks. Without waiting for the Prosecutor’s check on Sunday representatives of the public organization “Officers of Russia” and its leader Anton Tsvetkov blocked the entrance to the gallery — and made her curators to close the exhibition. Irina Chmyreva, art critic, senior researcher of the Institute of theory and history of art Russian Academy of arts, was asked to answer the question, why the pictures Sturges is art, not pornography.

picture the situation is more complicated than with other types of fine art. For people who grew up on classical art, there is no question why art Nude sculpture of Ancient Greece or Ancient Rome. We just don’t think that crouching boy Michelangelo in the Hermitage is pedophilia. We understand that this is art.

Very often, when it comes to the fine arts authorities and cultural experience frees us from having to think about what we see. However, an artist who works in sculpture, even (even — because the sculpture, in contrast to the graphics, very realistic — you can “David” around on all sides and see all of his muscles are), is faced with these problems. And “David” hung leaf, and other sculptures hung the leaves. “The last judgment” by Michelangelo in the Sistine chapel: his pupil Daniele da Volterra to paint drapery to all the participants of the last judgment. Although if we read the Bible, there is nothing about the clothes on rising.

When an artist is something portrays, it has the ability to generalize — to transform nature so that the viewer had the sense that what he sees is not the subject, but make-believe; it, therefore, is not at all about the body and its sublimation. When the photography appeared, soon appeared and the theme of the Nude. Pictures of only 180 years, but in early 1840-ies Nude starred very often: because her audience wanted to watch. And wanted to watch including the conditional image, and in the unqualified phenomenon, in fact. In the beginning, such photographs were authors who were able to do beautifully, were able to shift the focus of the viewer on the beauty of the model, such as ancient art. And there were those who portrayed what you wanted to see the mass audience. Blame the photo is the same as blaming the script that someone uses it for writing vulgar text.

Photo — only technique. Some of the people who own it, artists, and others not. Unfortunately, the photographic situation of illiteracy and lack of understanding that the pictures could coexist are works of fine art and what is being done for public consumption, is still preserved. And, unfortunately, this situation often occurs in our country. People know nothing of art history and the history of photography. People don’t realize that a photo can stand a lot of work.

Photography is a performance. And the man who makes it, Director. He can be happy and unhappy Director. As a documentarian. If he is happy the Director, the reality is it helps. And then his film is art.

Sturgis — a very happy artist in photography. People trust it. You cannot force the model to play what she’s proud of him. You can’t force someone to pretend that he is satisfied and lives in harmony with oneself and the surrounding space. And what’s more, this man has to trust the photographer to talk about these very subtle things. That it is possible to be yourself. Especially as a nudist community, you are working with Sturges, and open and closed simultaneously. It is a community of people who protect their harmony. Because I understand that she’s fragile in the world with opposing views. Sturges never any provocation was taken. The films where you can see how it works. It’s very different than advertising photographer and work of artists of contemporary art who lives with provocations.

Sturgis is first and foremost a master of fine art photography — art photography where all the components: the message of the artist, the plot, the harmony of the composition and the high art of the print. It is definitely high art. Sturges says about the community, which attracts the most viewers — and is unattainable for him because we live with their stereotypes. Often people are very aggressive deny other people in their quest to be themselves; even if it does not prevent us to live as we want.

the Image of Sturgis, where everything is carefully arranged, not artificially, but naturally. It creates the image of a fragile, helpless beauty. And those who see in this sexy prisebnost, unfortunately, has saturated his image his experience and his vision. The product is very dependent on the viewer’s eye. And sometimes years pass before a stereotype vision may be cleaned from the work, and then its meaning may surprise you: it is different from previously hung labels – according to the portal “Medusa”.

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