Friday, October 21, 2016

Banned the Queen of the heartbroken Days.Ru

Fell under the ban in Ukraine Natasha Koroleva heartbroken. Shocked, the singer laments that he no longer could visit in their native land 94-year-old grandmother and does not visit her father’s grave.

Natasha, upset at the news that the security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has made it into the blacklist, poured my heart out in an interview. The performer is the native of Kiev and very worried that it is now on the home way.

“I just don’t know what to do now! I’ve got a grandmother, she’s 94, and she is already well won’t be able to come to me! And, it turns out, I now can no longer come to her for five years. And I can’t do it all the time to visit my father’s grave, not even if the mountain, to bury their grandmother… Me! A radical from Kiev, the singer, who has always been the most prominent representative of Ukraine in Russia! This is a blatant precedent. This concerns a very simple, human things, so I was so hurt” – does not hide his emotions star.

According to fell under the ban of the actress, some people just decided it advertized. “Tymoshenko is because a little PR! Others too, I just don’t remember their names. And the Queen for this, it is very suitable. And here is my creative “pose a threat to the state.” This is when the past 25 years living in Ukraine, people associate themselves with my work, and when guys and girls think: “this song is about me”. It’s called “the world’s gone mad – in the part of the earth where Ukraine.” I just can’t find decent words – I can hardly pick up…” grumbled Natasha.

Queen does not know exactly what the charges are. “Oh, the Internet can be a lot of reading – that was the eve of the ban. It turns out that I am a spy of the Kremlin. And I only now found out that I was a spy! But at least one good news: I am the favorite singer of President. Well, I will now know”, – quotes the singer the site “Moskovsky Komsomolets”.

Today there was a glaring precedent! In Ukraine deputies of the Verkhovna Rada took from its people the right of choice. 14 December in Palace of Ukraine was scheduled for my concert “Magic L”, all the tickets were sold out without advertising and billboards, I wanted to announce an additional concert, and it all began… with the wording: “to deny entry to the citizen of the Russian Federation Poryvai N., as a person with their creativity to pose a threat to the Ukrainian state.” I have over 25 years of creative activity a lot of fables and nonsense to read in the address, but that song is a Small country, Kyiv boy, Swallow Your world… was a threat…..?! Kiev for me is not just his native city Kyiv is my soul! And the most important Kiev – people… kind, welcoming, wise. Forgive me my fellow countrymen! I wanted to come to the concert for You! With the good and with the world in this not easy time for Ukraine. I’m sorry for wha t you had been waiting for, and I was powerless against the corrupt false and cowardly fellows, who behind my back is despicable and disgusting condemned, sentenced, and separated us with you for 5 years!

Pictures published by Natasha Koroleva (@natellanatella)

because of the decision of the SBU Queen had to cancel a planned Ukraine concert. In the hall for 4000 people, all the tickets had already been sold. Popular singer even thought to organize one additional statement. “This whole thing is a media war, which is in full swing. No guns, no today is enough to pull journalists and promote some information,” – says Natasha.

we will Remind, Natalia Poryvai, known under the pseudonym Natasha Koroleva, banned entry to Ukraine for five years. This was reported in Facebook the leader of the Ukrainian nationalist organization “Bratstvo” Dmitry Korchinsky. He posted a photo of the relevant document.

In the security Service of Ukraine confirmed this information. “Yes, banned entry for five years”, – quotes the press-Secretary SBU “Interfax-Ukraine”. According to the news Agency, the reason for the decision the Agency did not elaborate.

Official representative of the Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova originally reacted to the verdict of the SBU. “Gogol is dead on time, we must honestly admit – she wrote on the social network. – P. S. But nothing. Oleg Lyashko, the experience of singing Patriotic songs in Lugansk there is not lost”.

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