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Continues the work of the Congress of the Union of theatrical figures of Russia – Kultura TV Channel

24.10.2016 | 10:21

In Moscow continues the work of the Congress of the Union of theatrical figures. On the first day, the Chairman STD Alexander Kalyagin has reported on progress over the past year and presented the highest award of the Union – “Gold mark” – the artistic Director of Alexandrinsky theatre Valery Fokine. The day ended elections of the head of the STD for the next 5 years. This post has retained Alexander Kalyagin, who directs the Union for 20 years. Today, in the framework of the Congress will be held all-Russian forum “Theatre – time of changes”, where we will discuss pressing problems and challenges of the theater. Says Julia Kazakova.

How to live and to develop a modern theatre? Where to get funds for new productions? How to treat theatrical reform? The issues of Congress are complex and controversial, especially in the economic crisis. Optimization of the theatres is probably the most sensitive issue. For example, in Tyumen joined the Philharmonic, the drama and puppet theatres and the Palace of culture “Neftyanik”. In that result in such experiments, said the Chairman STD Alexander Kalyagin.

“the Second year out of nowhere at the Tyumen theatre come from debt. Have never had debt. In Pskov’s artists have lost creative retirement, as they were in the institution with a new name, so they interrupted the experience?” – asks the Chairman of the theatre Union of Russia, people’s artist of Russia Alexander Kalyagin.

the Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky operates not with facts and figures.

“We talk all the time: optimize, removed the theatres are closed. Emotions off to the side. Looking at numbers. Since 1991, the number of theatres supported by the budgets of different levels in the country increased by 70 percent,” – emphasizes the Minister of culture of Russia Vladimir Medinsky.

Another question: what looks the audience in the old and new theaters, if almost everywhere on a new formulation of the money is not allocated.

“And to, because of no funding, or something only very concise, primitive, completely non-competitive in that market of pleasure and entertainment offered by the Internet, movies, visiting theatrical companies of the group,” – said the artistic Director of the Voronezh academic drama theatre named after Koltsov Vladimir Petrov.

“as for creative problems, they, too, agrees that the lack of good modern plays. Nobody knows how to attract viewers, not tell him below the belt,” – said the Chairman of the Krasnoyarsk branch of the theatre Union of Russia Andrey Pashnin.

Serious performances are not always cost-effective. Valery Fokin encouraged in the pursuit of profit do not forget about the artistry.

“Sometimes a masterpiece can go in the room for forty beds. We know that such cases were. What about the point of view of efficiency brought to this performance? Nothing. But it is a masterpiece, which entered the history of world theater. I’ve seen these performances,” notes artistic Director of the Alexandrinsky theater, people’s artist of Russia Valery Fokin.

the Union of theatrical figures also appealed to the authorities of different regions to help bring order to the theater building.

“To the theatre today was competitive, it needs to be a theater in which people want to come in which should be comfortable and cozy. And the theatre must have the appropriate technical capabilities,” – emphasizes the General Director of the Bolshoi theatre Vladimir urin.

Improvement of material-technical base of theaters – one of the main points in preparation for the Year of theatre. It will be held in 2018.

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