Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Gone from the life of famous film Director Vadim Derbenev – Komsomolskaya Pravda

Yaroslavl felt the loss of a friend – on 83-m to year of life has become a renowned film Director Vadim crazy. Derbenev was born in Yaroslavl, kept in touch with his native city.

In the movies Vadim Derbenev “On the corner near the Patriarch – 1 and 2″ starred many actors of Volkovsky theatre. Derbenev was very friendly with the Director of Volkovsky previous years – Valery Sergeev, who also starred in “Patriarchal”.

- Sergeev got him in, it’s time to put the show on the stage of Volkov theater. Derbenev long disagreed – cinema and theatre only superficially similar art, figurative means they are different. But in the end agreed to put on a play Elena Skorohodova “Boulevard of luck.” There was a creative collaboration of Director and actors of the theatre – says the theatre critic Margarita Veresova.

the performance was the survivor, played on stage for over 10 years.

good-bye by Vadim Derbenyov will be held on October 28 at 11 a.m. in Moscow ritalina the hall of the CCB.


Vadim Derbenev Klavdievich (18 June 1934 – 25 Oct 2016) – Director, cinematographer and screenwriter, worked at the studios “Moldova-the movie” and “thumbnail“. People’s artist Russia.

Derbenev took pictures of “the Last month of autumn,” “the Secret “blackbirds”, “Zmeelov”, “On the corner, at the Patriarchal…”, “defense”, “wages of love”, “the Great game” and many others.


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