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Icebreaker: Two captains – Interfax

Moscow. 21 Oct. INTERFAX.RU – IN rolling out the film by Nikolay Khomeriki “Icebreaker” is already the second last month of the domestic blockbuster.

On the icebreaker “Mikhail Gromov”, in 1985, navigating somewhere in the Antarctic, the soul of the company – captain Petrov (Petr Fedorov), but this state of Affairs is not all happy. Among dissatisfied – steering (Vitaly KHAYEV), who believes that it is necessary to respect the chain of command, XO (Aleksey Barabash), which, it seems, and I would like to be a captain, and incomprehensible man of intelligence (Dmitry Mulyar). When the icebreaker almost collides with an iceberg, Petrova decide to change: on the ship send a new captain Sevchenko (Sergei Puskepalis), the antithesis of the previous one: with a team he’s not talking, consistently destroys all the entertainment on Board (from Rubik’s cube to the guitar) and its predecessor can not stand. After the accident, the icebreaker with all the conflicts and all the decreasing resources begins a protracted drift in the ice.

“the Icebreaker” – the second in a month after the “Duelist” domestic blockbuster, again with Peter Fedorov in the title role – and, frankly, much less successful. What you need for a great movie? Scale, the entertainment, clearly tells the story – and all this, like, in the “Icebreaker” is, but claims remain to be processed. “Icebreaker” is a fairy tale, a myth, while clearly of Soviet manufacture: there is a place of noble (though different) captains, cute and charming Soviet citizens (in addition to those mentioned Haewa, their play PAL Alexander and Alexander Yatsenko), and irresponsible elements can re-educate the correct guidance.

though the Film tries to be modern, stuffed with computer graphics (not too good), a Comedy by Leonid Gaidai (his “Diamond hand” in the absence of other paintings countless times reviewing on the ship). Signs of the Soviet period – not only decorative (the team goes to the polls in ridiculous sweaters and hats (well, blue-red such, you know), on the wall hangs a poster with Alla Pugacheva), but also ideological: the pride of the country, friendship of peoples (it represents the Ukrainian co-driver), and the rivalry with the Western unit – no doubt the cause of the nostalgia. But the movies of Gaidai seemed like a fairy tale already in the Soviet years, now DIY on them and it does look tacky.

Most famous is perhaps the film Khomeriki called “the Tale of the dark” contained all the signs of the times, including almost mandatory for films end zero frustration. “Icebreaker” is also a fairy tale, but not one of emptiness. Apparently, according to the creators of modern Russian cinema this should be: bright, cheerful and not very Pro-life.

Kate Zagvozdkina


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