Monday, October 24, 2016

Latvia made actor Dmitry Pevtsov in the black list – RBC

Latvia has banned Russian actor and singer Dmitry Pevtsov. On it informs radio Baltkom with reference to information available to radio stations.

the Director of “House of Moscow” Yuri Silov confirmed the ban on entry for Pevtsov, reports Baltkom. Thus, the Russian actor had to come to Latvia in November of 2016 to participate in the festival of Russian films “Moscow premiere in Riga”.

According to Silova, during the festival on 19 and 20 November Singers had to perform with his band “Cartouche”. “However, for reasons beyond us and completely incomprehensible reasons, Dmitri Pevtsov is included in the black list and will not be able to come to Latvia because they have been denied that right,” — said the power.

He also added that he did not know, for some reason the Singers were included in the black list.

Sam Singers commented on the reports about the ban for his entry into Latvia and noted that it is not going to cancel the scheduled event. “Since there is no official document, confirmation from the foreign Ministry of Latvia and the foreign Ministry was not, I do not know. You can talk about anything, but we lubricates guitar, rehearsing musical numbers, and in November we intend to perform in Riga with musical solo performance “Revelations”. Plans remain unchanged,” — said the actor in the TV channel “Russia 24.

In July 2014, the Latvian foreign Ministry has officially banned the entry of Russian singers Joseph Kobzon, Oleg Gazmanov and Valerie.


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