Saturday, October 29, 2016

Medvedev congratulated the choreographer Lavrovsky with the 75th anniversary – tvnz

Prime Minister Russia Dimitri Medvedev congratulated choreographer Mikhail Lavrovsky happy anniversary: choreographer and people’s artist USSR Saturday, October 29, marks 75 years.

the head of the Cabinet noted that Michael L. has won the hearts of the audience “extraordinary plasticity, consummate skill, a special emotion and temperament.”

in addition, Mr Medvedev has mentioned about the active teaching activities Lavrovsky. “A lot of respect and deserves your active teaching career, taking care of the education of the new generation of ballet dancers, with whom you share your secrets in the Moscow state Academy of choreography and the ballet school the name of your father, the legendary Leonid Lavrovsky,” – said in his congratulatory message, published on the government website.


Mikhail Lavrovsky, Soviet and Russian ballet dancer, the ballet master-tutor of the Bolshoi theatre. Works as a guest choreographer in the regions Russia and worldwide.


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